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Facebook Casino Games Solutions for iGaming Operators


Facebook casino preview Slots, poker, roulette or blackjack are games that any casino enthusiast knows about. In the past, people who wanted to play these games could only go to gambling establishments and bet on a lot of money, in crowded parlors, in order to have some fun and take a chance at winning something. With the development of online social networking websites, and their games applications, people can play any kind of game for fun, and even share their results with friends.

This is why operators decide to buy Facebook casino games: they can offer people the chance to play casino games without having to feel like they are actually gambling.

There are several important advantages that a Facebook casino offers:

  • No gambling license required – when you open a Facebook casino, you do not actually start a real-money online gambling site. People do bet on anything, but instead they purchase virtual coins which help them advance faster or unlock new levels or games. The costs of obtaining an online gambling license are usually high, but if you buy Facebook casino games, you will save a significant amount of money.


  • Diversity of games - for a Facebook casino or gaming app, you can purchase any kind of games: slots, roulette, poker, blackjack, baccarat, arcade, dice, bingo and many more. The Facebook community is very diverse, and people are always looking for fun, enticing games. Some of the most appreciated games by Facebook users are slots, poker and arcade games.


  • Worldwide community – when you buy Facebook casino games, you will have the opportunity to reach a lot of potential customers, due to the fact that Facebook is used by 1.44 billion people monthly. According to statista.com, the top ten leading countries based on the number of Facebook users as of May 2014 were the United States, India, Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico, UK, Japan, France, Germany and Italy. This means that you will get to reach people from all around the world.  


  • Maximum exposure with Facebook canvas – after purchasing casino software and Facebook casino games, our developers will create a Facebook application using the Facebook canvas. People will find it with the search bar, then play games and share their activity with friends. This way, your casino can gain a lot of popularity, simply by people spreading the news.


  • Legal online casino-style games for users – if you decide to buy Facebook casino games, you might want to know that opening a Facebook casino-style gaming app is legal even where online gambling is not. In several countries, real money online gaming has not yet been legalized. This is why Facebook offers this great opportunity: people from all around the world can play their favorite casino-style games without actually having to gamble. Users do not get any money back out, or exchange the in-game currency into real money. Instead, they buy Facebook virtual coins to play the games they like.


Like so, operators who buy Facebook casino games have the possibility to start an online casino in a facile manner, with low costs and multiple benefits. If you are interested in opening an online casino on Facebook, you can take a look at our Facebook casino offer and our online casino games.  


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