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    News Blog How Operators Can Use Online Casino Bonuses to Attract More Players

How Operators Can Use Online Casino Bonuses to Attract More Players

When learning how to create an online casino, you can see that the majority of operators who own internet gaming sites offer casino bonuses. Online casinos offer bonuses to attract new players and maintain the loyalty of existing players. There are different types of bonuses that you can use, but it is important to know which kind of players should receive certain types of bonuses, depending on how much they want to wager or if they have already played at your casino.

1.Bonuses for new players

When you find out how to create an online casino, you will see that all casinos offer bonuses to attract new players. This is a good strategy that can make you stand out from the crowd and surpass your competitors if you use it in an efficient manner.

  • No deposit Bonus 

This type of bonus is used by the majority of online casino operators. By offering this bonus, online casino users must register at your online casino and they simply receive the money. You have the option to allow the casino to automatically place the money into the player’s account, but it is a good idea to send the bonus via email. This way, you will expand your player data base and you can send additional promotions and bonuses to the players who registered.

After players wager the bonus and win, you can set a maximum amount that they can withdraw after using it, or you can ask players to make a small deposit if they want to withdraw the winnings. For example, you can offer players $10 for free to play casino games, and then ask them to cash out a maximum of $100 that they earned by playing the free $10.

  • Match Bonus

This is an interesting type of bonus that you can successfully use for online casino players when they make their first deposit. When discovering how to create an online casino, you will see that with this bonus, you will match players’ deposits with a certain percentage of their first deposit.  For example, you can offer a %100 match bonus for up to $1,500. If a player will deposit $200 at your casino, he will get a $200 welcome bonus, which means that the player will have a balance of $400.

You must also set a maximum welcome bonus, and you can set wagering requirements. In our example, you can set a maximum $1,500 matching bonus and players could be asked to play through the $400 bonus + deposit for 30 times before being allowed to cash out.

  • Free online casino bonus

After you learn how to create an online casino and start a gaming site, you can also offer your players a free online casino bonus. You can offer players a certain fixed amount of money when they make a deposit. For example, you can offer a $50 dollar bonus for the first deposit, but to receive the bonus, players must deposit at least $30. If they deposit, let’s say, $100, they will still only get the $50 bonus.

2.Loyalty program bonuses


  • Multiple deposit bonuses

If the same players comes back to your casino for the 3 rd, 4 th or 5 th time, you can reward them for being loyal with a match up bonus than can go from a 50% match up to as much as you are willing to offer. This kind of bonuses must be more profitable than the match up bonuses for new players. You can offer a higher maximum deposit bonus or a smaller number of wagering requirements.

  • Exclusive bonuses

When you learn how to create an online casino, you should properly reward your most loyal players or those who wager significant amounts of money. These bonuses must not be offered through the promotions page of the online casino, because once you remove them, you will get bad publicity. This is why it is good to send promotional e-mails to the most loyal players that have registered at your online casino. You can offer a certain code that will be active for a certain period of time. These bonuses must be the largest ones, due to the fact that they help you maintain a strong relationship with players.




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