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How to Mix Desktop and Mobile Casino Games for Maximum Optimization

Gaming insiders are constantly talking about how mobile casino games are starting to become an important part of the online gambling scene. Operators who want to start an online casino might be wondering if they should still purchase desktop games in order to maximize their profit. The answer is that one of the best solutions for gaming operators would be to supply an optimized mix of both desktop and mobile games.

Statistics show that the number of players who gamble via smartphones, tablets or smart TVs could rise to 164 million by 2018, while earnings will grow to $62 billion by 2018. More than that, it is estimated that the mobile gaming market could account for at least 24 percent of the global interactive gaming industry by 2017. Mobile gaming will become a significant operators’ strategy in 2015, but it would be best not to neglect desktop online games acquisition.

Despite the fact that mobile casino games are becoming the latest trend in online gaming, users are still spending a significant amount of time in front of their PCs. It is important to think about what the customer would prefer, depending on the environment. For example, an online player could enjoy playing slots on his iPhone, but also prefers to play poker in front of the PC, and also likes to place sports bets on a tablet.

Analytics and cloud computing technology can help operators track consumer behavior. By using such tools, and by evaluating trends across various platforms, operators can find out what players prefer in terms of mobile and desktop gaming. If operators already have an idea about what consumers are most interested in, they can purchase the most appropriate games for both desktop and mobile devices.

Thus, operators who buy mobile casino games should try to understand their customers’ digital preferences in both web and mobile web, in order to adopt personalized solutions for each type of user. Operators need to consolidate their businesses and choose the proper tools and technologies in order to track consumer behavior across all channels, whether they are using mobile, desktop or both.

Desktop and mobile casino games will grow substantially in the near future, but an important part of the online gaming revenue will be directed to mobile channels. Up to now, the casino market has been slow in mobile adaptation, mainly due to the fact that Flash games are not compatible with iOS. The future is all about HTML5 games, which will develop at a very fast pace starting this year.


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