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How to Promote Your Online Casino on Social Media Platforms

Social media bubble Once you start your online casino business in the competitive internet gaming industry, investing a part of your budget in marketing is an efficient strategy to attract customers fast.

There are various ways to promote your casino, but the presence on social media platforms seems to make a lot of difference nowadays.

It is essential to communicate with your customers through platforms such as Facebook or Twitter, where you also have the chance to get a lot of exposure for promoting your products.

Facebook marketing

Promoting your online casino business on Facebook is essential for a successful marketing campaign. Online casino operators are not always sure about what they can post on Facebook about their products. After all, choosing the right marketing tools in the online gaming industry can be a little tricky, especially since these games are not meant to be played by audiences of all ages.

Even so, Facebook posts can help you reach an important number of customers. People who ‘like’ and ‘share’ your posts will make your casino known to their friends. Some of the most efficient posts are, of course, the ones that offer bonus codes or free chips. You can even ask Facebook users to tag one or more friends that would play your casino games, in order to receive a special bonus.

Another interesting idea is to post rules or tips and tricks about your casino games. Not all players are accustomed to online casino gaming, but if you offer them the right information, they could play games that they never tried before. More than that, always remember to post videos and photos of your latest games, so that users will know that they can try something new at your casino.  

Since you can post anything on Facebook for free, you will receive a lot of exposure without even having to pay for it. Even so, your online casino business can become even more popular with the help of Facebook ads, which target audiences that might be interested in casino gaming. When you decide to promote your business with a Facebook ad, you can choose the location of your potential customers, their age, interests and gender, so that you can reach customers that can play legally.

Twitter marketing

Twitter is not one of those places where you can write entire stories about your latest products, but it is a great way to inform players about what’s new at your online casino. With twitter, you can post short news, with no more than 140 characters, that can link to your online gaming site. Even though these posts are short, you can offer a lot of important information to your customers.

When you open a Twitter account for your online casino business, you will have to offer an optimized bio, which reveals important information about what you offer specifically. Don’t forget to add your casino website’s link. You can use keywords to find people that are related to the gaming industry, and then follow and interact with them. This way, you can get even more exposure for your casino.

A strategy that is also efficient on Twitter is to offer bonus codes or discounts through live tweets. For example, you ask people to retweet one of your tweets, and the first 10 users who do this will receive a special bonus of your choice. It is also important to use images and videos while marketing your online casino business on Twitter. It has been demonstrated that people tend to click more when they see an image or video linked to a post, rather than just a plain tweet.

Keep in mind that you can also use promoted tweets, in order to target players of legal age and from the location you can offer online gambling services to.


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