How to Start an Online Casino with Different Slot Types

26 August 2016

The moment when you decide to open your online casino, you find out that there are a lot of choices when it comes to adding casino games to your website. There is a massive amount of casino games out there that you can choose for your gaming site, but some of the most appreciated games by players from all around the world are online slot games.

Slot games have the best themes, the best casino bonuses and some of the most entertaining features, such as freespins or jackpots. Online casino providers release new slot games every month, which entice players with bigger bonuses.

More than that, when learning how to start an online casino, you will notice that slot machines are appealing to both new and experienced players, thanks to a few advantages that this type of games can offer:

  • Affordability – flexible stakes
  • Wide variety of themes
  • No casino skills required
  • Great bonuses and rewards
  • Slots tournaments available
  • Varying numbers of reels and lines

CasinoWebScripts’ online gaming providers’ team has developed a large set of online casino slots, suitable for all player types. Here are the slot categories that you can choose from when you look for information about how to start an online casino:

3 Reel Slots

Casino players who are looking to be introduced to the world of slot machines should start by playing 3 reel slot games. These are some of the most easy-to-play slots on the internet, due to the fact that they feature a low number of paylines, and only three spinning reels. This doesn’t mean that these games are not as exciting as other slots variants, since players can still win significant prizes while enjoying these 3 reel slots which feature a simpler design.


  • Great for beginners
  • Suitable for players on a budget
  • Tend to pay less often than their 5 reel counterparts, but more when they do hit 

Top 3 reel slots by CasinoWebScripts

Three reel slotsClassic Fruit Slot

Operators who want to know how to start an online casino should consider adding a fruit-themed slot to their games collection. Classic Fruit Slot is a retro-inspired casino game which can be played on desktop devices, such as computers or laptops.

This slot game features deliciously looking symbols which include cherries, plums, apples, oranges, and the classic fruit machine symbols, the lucky seven and the golden star. Besides the fact that it is a 3 reel slot game, Classic Fruit Slot has been designed with features that will entertain any player – a bonus and the possibility to win the jackpot.

Legendary Pharaoh

This Egyptian-themed slot game features 3 reels and 5 lines, and can be played on any mobile and desktop device – anything from personal computers and laptops to smartphones and tablets. Legendary Pharaoh has been created with symbols which include pyramids, scarab beetles and Ancient Egypt gods. Novice players can enjoy this game by simply placing a bet and pressing SPIN. No complicated features are included in this game, so players of all types can win prizes by simply spinning the reels.

Reel Cuisine

Reel Cuisine is the proof that 3 reel slots can be as exciting as any other more complex slot games out there. This inviting casino game has been created with several special features that bring a lot of excitement to all players who will enjoy it.

The 3 reels are filled with delicious food symbols from different cuisines, including pasta, pizza, croissants, cheeses and wine. The pasta symbol triggers the BONUS, which invites players to try a delicious virtual dish and see what surprise they get during the main course.  Players can also win FREESPINS, or get the chance to spin the JACKPOT BONUS wheel of fortune. A regular JACKPOT is also available.

5 reel slots

Operators who want to find out how to open an online casino with different types of slots should know that 5 reel slot games are the most popular option among online casino players. This type of casino game comes with a vast amount of different combinations and symbols, and significantly higher jackpots and bonuses.


  • Come in a large variety of themes
  • Offer more special features
  • Allow placing large bets
  • Tend to present a better pay off
  • Great bonus rounds
  • Can feature up to 50 paylines

Top 5 reel slots by CasinoWebScripts

Five reel slotsAncient Wonders 3D Cinematic

This 5 reel slot game offers the ultimate gaming experience to casino players, thanks to its wide variety of features and high definition graphics. The game contains beautifully-designed symbols which depict all of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

Besides the animated symbols and impressive sound effects, Ancient Wonders can award FREESPINS, a PROGRESSIVE JACKPOT and an exciting BONUS. Other features included in this game are the GAMBLE mode and the EXPANDING WILD. Players can enjoy Ancient Wonders on their personal computers or laptops. 

Cool Treasures

This 5 reel slot game comes with all the special features that you can think of - freespins, bonus, secondary bonus, multi-jackpot are just some of the features that will surprise players.

Cool Treasures is an enchanting, cartoon-like slot game with a North Pole theme, with Eskimos, polar bears and a lot of ice all around. This cheerful game will entertain any type of player who wants to discover its variety of features and game options.

Nights in Vegas

The Las Vegas theme is a classic among gaming developers who design 5 reel slot games. Even so, Nights in Vegas is the perfect game for players who are looking to get a taste of Sin City while sitting in front of their computer or lying in bed and playing it on their smartphones.

Nights in Vegas features 5 reels and 50 paylines. Due to the fact that it offers so many combinations, it is more suitable for experienced casino players. The background reveals a Las Vegas scenery, and the glitzy symbols include lucky sevens, dice, casino chips or roulette wheels. Players can win FREESPINS, triggered by 3 or more scatter symbols, or one of the MNI, MAJOR or MEGA JACKPOTS.

7 reel slots

Slot games which feature 7 reels are a smaller niche of online slots, but they offer a unique experience to players who are looking to try something more complex and want to change the regular 5 reel layouts that have conquered the online gaming world. More than that, 7 reel slots are only developed by a few casino software providers, so when you start your online casino, you can offer this type of game in order to provide something unique, which will attract players who are looking for a variation of the classic 5 reel slot game.


  • More reels, more winning combinations
  • Perfect for players who want diversity
  • Offered by a small number of operators, but getting increasingly popular
  • Large amounts can be bet for each spin

Top 7 reel slots by CasinoWebScripts

Seven reel slotsPirates of the Seven Reels

This pirate-themed casino slot game comes with 7 reels and 14 paylines. Though it may seem a little overwhelming to new casino players, Pirates of the Seven Reels proves to be really enjoyable once you get the hang of it.  On the other hand, casino experts will find this game challenging and stimulating, thanks to all its additional features and multitude of winning combinations.

One of the special features of the Pirates of the Seven Reels game is the BONUS, during which players get to find the pirate’s map and choose which treasures they want to reveal. The game also features a FREESPINS option and MULTI JACKPOTS.

Tequila Fiesta

This fun game will entertain all players who know all about Mexico’s signature drink. Tequila Fiesta has been designed with a background that resembles a bar, and symbols which remind us of Mexico – hot chilies, cactuses, tequila worms or sombreros.

This 7 reel slot game is suitable for advanced slot players, due to the fact that it offers multiple winning combinations and various special features. Like so, users can win FREESPINS by getting 4 scatter symbols on the reels, or the amusing BONUS, where they have to help a drunk man drink as many tequila shots as he can.

Path of the Ninja

Path of the Ninja is a 7 reel slot game which features 14 paylines, inspired by the stories of the worldwide-known ninja warriors. The game allows players to choose up to 14 paylines, and offers an interesting range of features, which include FREESPINS, JACKPOT WIN and a BONUS which invites players to become virtual ninjas and fight for the biggest treasure.

9 Reel Slots

9 reel slot games are some of the most complex games that you will come across while learning how to start an online casino. These games are rather rare in the online gambling world, but players who are looking for something a bit more challenging appreciate them. You won’t find 9 reel slots gaming providers everywhere, as it is more difficult to develop a 9 reel slot game than a 3 reel or a 5 reel slot.

These are advanced, complex games which should be played by experts, due to the fact that it would be difficult for beginners to follow all the possible combinations that come up on the screen.


  • Perfect for casino experts
  • Rare games which cannot be found everywhere
  • Many ways to create winning combinations
  • Various additional features in one single game

Top 9 Reel Slots by CasinoWebScripts

Nine reel slotsCountry Jackpots Bounty

This 9 reel slot game is perfect for players who enjoy farm-themed games. It has been developed with an animated background, with two chicks that lay golden eggs and a moving scarecrow. The 9 reels include symbols such as cows, donkeys, puppies, vegetables and a farmer who acts as the scatter symbol.

Country Jackpots Bounty is packed with additional features, which include EXPANDING WILD and three possible jackpots – MINI, MAJOR or MEGA JACKPOT, all progressive. The game offers 2 BONUS rounds – one during which a bunny must eat as many carrots as he can to receive rewards, and a JACKPOT BONUS with a wheel of fortune.

Pyramid Riches

Since Egyptian-themed games are so popular, you can think about purchasing a 9 reel slot game when you decide how to start an online casino. Pyramid Riches features 50 paylines filled with symbols inspired by Ancient Egypt’s culture.

In the game’s live demo, you can test all of its features, which include EXPANDING WILD, FREESPINS, JACKPOT WIN and more. Some of the most thrilling features are the two BONUS ROUNDS – a pyramid bonus, where players need to pick pyramid blocks, and a magic wheel bonus.

Multispin Slots

CasinoWebScripts’ versions of multispin slots have been created with an original design, suitable for any type of online casino player. This unique slot machine game comes with only 1 reel and 1 payline, so it can be played by beginners, who won’t have to worry about complicated rules of combinations that are specific to slots with 7 or 9 reels. Even if these games are simple, players will discover a wide range of surprise features which will raise their winning chances.


  • One reel and one payline
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Small bets can be placed
  • Unique games that can’t be found at any casino

Top Multispin Slots by CasinoWebScripts

Multispin slotsWanted

This version of multispin slots has been created with symbols and a background which compose a Western theme, with cowboys, sheriffs, golden stars and more. Players choose their bets and spin the reels. During the first spin, if 2 or more symbols of the same kind appear on the reels, they are held by the computer.

During the second spin, at least one other symbol of the same kind must appear on the reels for a payout to be granted. Wanted Multispin slot game also comes with two sheriff symbols which act as a joker/wildcard, each of them multiplying the win.

Spin Father

Casino gamers who enjoy old movies about the mafia will find that Spin Father can offer as much excitement as any other online slot game with a bigger number of reels and lines. The symbols of Spin Father reveal a variety of elements that remind us of mobsters and their activities – pistols, gold bars, safes filled with cash, golden rings and expensive wine are all part of this exciting game.

When the reel is spun, at least 3 elements of the same kind must appear during 2 spins for a winning to occur. The two gangsters that act as jokers will multiply players’ wins when they appear on the reels.

26 August 2016

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