How to Start an Online Casino in the Philippines

4 July 2023

online casino philippines

If you're aiming to start an online casino in the Philippines, this guide will give valuable info about the thriving iGaming sector. As one of Asia's most prominent hubs for online gambling, understanding the landscape is essential.

We'll delve into how high rollers are propelling growth and examine the government's stance on offshore-operated casinos. Also, we'll explore Pagcor's licensing process for offshore gaming companies and highlight popular casino games among Filipino players.

The Rise of Online Gambling in the Philippines

Online gambling has surged in the Philippines, thanks to pandemic-induced losses. Traditional casinos faced unprecedented challenges, so they began exploring new avenues for revenue generation. Integrated resort casinos like Okada Manila and City of Dreams have applied for licenses to offer internet-based games, marking a shift towards online betting.

High Rollers Boosting iGaming Industry

The rise of online gambling can be attributed largely to high rollers who indulge their passion from the comfort and safety of their homes. These players contribute significantly to revenues by placing large bets frequently.

Government's Stance on Offshore-Operated Online Casinos

The Philippine government has eased restrictions on offshore-operated online casinos, recognizing them as potential sources of income during these challenging times. This decision has opened up opportunities for investors interested in entering this lucrative market.

This change is not just about increasing state revenues; it also aims to protect consumers by ensuring that all operators adhere strictly to regulations set out by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR). By licensing offshore gaming companies, PAGCOR ensures fair play and responsible gaming practices across all platforms.

In addition to generating revenue through license fees, this move also helps curb illegal operations that often prey upon unsuspecting players with rigged games or fraudulent schemes.

Licensing Process for Offshore Gaming Companies

Want to start an online casino in the Philippines? You'll need a license from  Pagcor, the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation. Getting a license from Pagcor is not just about following the law, it's also an intelligent business decision.

Why You Need a Pagcor License

Pagcor is the regulatory body for all gaming activities in the Philippines. Getting a license from them shows that your business is legit and protects you from legal issues. It also proves that you follow strict industry standards, ensuring fair play for customers and investor confidence.

Steps to Get an Offshore Gaming License

  1. Check Eligibility: Make sure you meet all requirements, like having enough capital and technical expertise.
  2. Submit Application: Fill out forms and provide necessary documents, like business plans and corporate papers.
  3. Undergo Evaluation: Your application will be evaluated, including your financial capability and operational readiness.
  4. Get Your License: If everything checks out, you'll get a provisional approval and then an actual operating permit after paying fees.

Popular Casino Games Among Filipino Players

The iGaming industry in the Philippines has seen a surge, with certain casino games gaining immense popularity. As an investor looking to tap into this lucrative market, understanding these preferences is key.

Top-Notch Casino Experiences Preferred by Filipinos

Filipino players love high-quality gaming experiences.  CasinoWebScripts, one of the leading providers of online casino solutions, reveals that live dealer games and slot machines top the list. Live dealer games offer a realistic experience akin to brick-and-mortar casinos while slots provide quick and exciting gameplay.

Besides these two categories, poker also enjoys widespread popularity due to its strategic nature and potential for big wins. Bitcoin casinos have been on the rise too as they offer anonymity along with swift transactions.

Impact of Game Selection on Overall Business Success

Selecting popular games can significantly influence your business's success in this niche. Offering what players want ensures higher engagement rates which translates into increased profitability. A diverse game portfolio featuring player favorites like blackjack, roulette, or baccarat will attract more users who are likely to spend more time (and money) playing them.

To make your platform even more appealing, consider integrating progressive jackpots where winnings accumulate over time until someone hits it big. This feature not only adds excitement but also encourages repeat visits from hopeful players aiming for that life-changing win.

FAQs in Relation to Start Online Casino in the Philippines

When did online gambling start in the Philippines?

Online gambling in the Philippines began in 2004 with PAGCOR's authorization of e-Games stations.

Is online casino legal in the Philippines?

Yes, online casinos are legal in the Philippines if they have a license from PAGCOR or any recognized offshore jurisdiction.

How did gambling start in the Philippines?

Gambling has been part of Filipino culture for centuries, but regulated modern gaming began with PAGCOR's establishment in 1976.

How do I start my own online casino?

Get assistance from  CasinoWebScripts to set up your own online casino platform efficiently.


Starting an online casino in the Philippines requires a Pagcor license and top-notch games preferred by Filipino players.

Partnering with companies like CasinoWebScripts can provide benefits and success stories for potential investors.

Understanding the rise of online gambling in the country is crucial for those interested in entering this niche market.

Start your journey to start an online casino in the Philippines today!

4 July 2023

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