Joker Themed Online Casino Games for Sale

17 November 2017

joker casino games

The Joker is one of the most popular characters when it comes to online casino games. Anyone who’s ever played cards surely knows about the joker playing card, which is usually unique and maybe the luckiest of them all, since it can substitute any other card in the deck.

The joker is also used as a wild card, so you can find it in a variety of card games and slot games for online casinos. It’s one of the most well-known symbols in casinos around the world, and players know that the joker is a lucky symbol which everyone wants to encounter while playing casino games.

If you’re looking to buy online casino games, we’d like to give you a little tip: joker games are usually some of the most requested games by casino players. Since the joker has been a symbol which has shown a lot of popularity ever since slot games appeared, we decided to incorporate it in the casino games created by our casino developers.

At CasinoWebScripts, you’ll find joker symbols in a variety of games ranging from table games to animated slots. All of our games come with a variety of features, including freespins, expanding wild, various jackpots and exclusive bonuses.

We’d also like to point out that any of our joker casino games can be integrated with real money casinos or Bitcoin casinos. More than that, the majority of the joker casino games that you can purchase from us are compatible with mobile and desktop devices, so players can enjoy them on any device they prefer.

Here are some joker-themed casino games for your online casino:

Mega Joker Jackpot

mega joker jackpot slot

Among our online casino games for sale, you’ll find the colorful Mega Joker Jackpot 5-reel slot, packed with additional features and special effects. The design of this game is inspired by the classic fruit machines which are still extremely popular nowadays. The symbols of this game include classic fruits, the lucky 7, golden stars and the famous Joker.

Mega Joker Jackpot casino game features a red background with great quality graphics, symbols which become animated each time a winning line appears on the reels, and a retro background tune.

As for the game features of Mega Joker Jackpot, operators who want to buy online casino games will discover the Wild symbol which is represented by the Joker, and transforms into Expanding Wild in freespins mode, when 2 Wild symbols pop up on the same reel.

Players will also come across Freespins mode, where all wins are multiplied by 7. Freespins are triggered by 3 or more Scatter symbols, while the three Progressive Jackpots are triggered when Scatter symbols appear on all reel stops.

Operators who are looking to buy online casino games can use Mega Joker Jackpot with a mobile or online casino, including a Bitcoin gaming site.

Jokers on Fire

joker on fire slot

This 5-reel, mobile slot game is another part of our jokers-themed series, with astonishing graphics that are suitable for players who like flashy slots with interesting effects. The fiery red background is covered in animated flames, and when the reels spin, the symbols which form a winning payline catch on fire.

This super-hot game is perfect for players who love the thrill of spinning the reels in order to get the most valuable prizes. Talking about prizes, operators who are looking for online casino games for sale will discover that Jokers on Fire comes with a multitude of features which are designed to keep players coming back for more action.

Jokers on Fire comes with a Gamble feature which can be used after any winning payline appears on the reels. The Expanding Wild feature, which shows a flaming Joker’s head, is triggered when 2 wild symbols appear on the same reel in normal play, or when 1 wild symbol appears on any reel in freespins mode.

Other exciting features of Jokers on Fire include Freespins, which are triggered by 3 or more Scatter symbols. Players can win up to 25 freespins, depending on how many Scatters appeared on the screen. Progressive Jackpots, which are won when lucky players get scatter symbols on all reel stops, come in 3 variants – Mini Jackpot, Major Jackpot and Mega Jackpot.

Pirates and Jokers Video Poker

pirates and joker

Since the Joker symbol can easily be incorporated in almost any online casino game, we’ve also created a video poker game which presents the Joker as one of the main characters of the story. With a pirate theme and an exciting gameplay mode, Pirates and Jokers will soon become players’ favorite video poker game.

Video poker is one of the easiest games for online casino beginners, with simple rules that can be learned in the shortest amount of time. Pirates and Jokers video poker game includes a Joker card which acts as substitute for any missing card, in order to help players create the best-paying hand.

With an animated background, a pirate lady who accompanies players and a classic card design, Pirates and Jokers will attract any type of casino player.

Royal Joker Wild

royal joker wild

Another video poker game from our collection, Royal Joker Wild is a game which recreates a classic video poker game that we could find in land-based casinos. By imitating a real video poker machine, Royal Joker Wild gives players the impression that they’re in a real-life casino.

The Joker character appears once you open the game, in the right part of the screen, suggesting that it will help players get the best-paying hand during the game. Indeed, when the cards are revealed, the Joker acts as a substitute for any missing card.

Royal Joker Wild is compatible with any desktop device, including computers and laptops. It can also be integrated with a Bitcoin casino.

Crazy Jack Carnival

crazy jack carnival

Another 5-reel slot game for operators looking for online casino games for sale, Crazy Jack Carnival brings back memories of amusement parks, with rollercoasters, cotton candy, balloons and all those fun things that both kids and grownups love so much.

This 5-reel slot game with 25 paylines has been created with a colorful background and fun sound effects, plus symbols which recreate the atmosphere of a real-life carnival. Like all the games designed by CasinoWebScripts, Crazy Jack Carnival comes with interesting and unique features which are meant to keep players engaged.

Operators who are looking for online casino games for sale will discover the various features that this game offers, including Gamble, Freespins, Wild and Single Jackpot.

Crazy Jack Carnival can be run on desktop devices, including computers and laptops, which makes it a great choice for operators who want to start a sweepstakes business.

17 November 2017

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