Jokers on Fire and Country Jackpots Bounty - New Slot Games

2 October 2017

new slot games by casinowebscripts

At the end of September, CasinoWebScripts released two new slot games with exciting additional features, suitable for any mobile or online casino. Operators who want to buy online casino games will discover that Jokers on Fire and Country Jackpots Bounty are also great for a sweepstakes solution and, most importantly, a Bitcoin gaming site. More than that, with CasinoWebScripts’ API, we can easily integrate any other currency besides Bitcoin with your online casino – Litecoin, Doge Coin or any other digital currency that you prefer.

If you’re wondering how a sweepstakes solution works, you’ll find out that our HTML5 sweepstakes casino games can be used in a location where customers purchase a card with a number of ‘bonus’ entries to play these casino games. The entries are similar to the credit that we use while playing classic casino games. Once the customers finish playing, they return the cards and receive cash for the balance.

If you’re not into sweepstakes or cryptocurrency solutions, we’d like to point out that our new games have been certified, and they’re ready to be used with any type of mobile or online, real-money casino.

If you’re looking to buy online casino games, you can check out our entire casino games package, which comes at a special price. With this package, you’ll get a fully-running online casino with a wide variety of classic and modern casino games, and a more than attractive discount.

Here are our latest HTML5 casino games:

Jokers on Fire

jokers on fire slot game

Jokers on Fire is a 5-reel slot game with 15 lines, designed for both mobile and desktop devices. It can also be used as a html5 sweepstakes casino game or for a Bitcoin gaming site.

Jokers on Fire can be described as an exciting slot game, packed with additional features, that will give players a boost of adrenaline. The animated, fiery-red background is accompanied by retro sound effects which go great with the classic, jokers slot theme.

Operators who want to buy online casino games will notice that Jokers on Fire has been designed with symbols that include fruits, similar to those that we could find on vintage fruit machines. You could find them in any casino, so this type of game is a classic that will never go out of style. The lucky 7, which is also the most valuable symbol, is also present on the reels, along with the golden BAR symbol.

Players who get a winning line can choose to GAMBLE their winnings. There is a maximum of 5 cards which can be guessed during gamble mode.

gamble feature jokers on fire

An interesting feature would be the EXPANDING WILD, which appears when 2 wild symbols appear on the same real in normal play, or when 1 wild symbol appears on any reel during freespins mode.

Since we’re talking about FREESPINS, players will also get the chance to win up to 25 freespins when 3 or more scatter symbols appear on the reels.

jokers on fire freespins mode

Any of the three PROGRESSIVE JACKPOTS (Mini, Major or Mega Jackpot) can be triggered randomly if scatter symbols pop up on the reels.

Country Jackpots Bounty

country jackpots bounty slot game

Country Jackpots Bounty is the 5-reel version of our Country Cash-9Reel slot game. This game can be integrated with any mobile or online casino, but we believe that it can be a great HTML5 sweepstakes casino game, or a game for a Bitcoin website.

Country Jackpots Bounty for mobile and PC has been created with a farm theme, which always proves to be one of casino players’ favorites. We’re talking about an abundancy of farm animals that roam the reels, and the farmer himself accompanies players during the game.

If you’re looking to buy online casino games, a farm-themed slot will be a great addition to your online casino games collection. All the cute symbols, including hens, chickens, cows, eggs, corn and hay stacks all remind us of days that we spent in the countryside.

You’ll see that Country Jackpots Bounty is loaded with additional features. The GAMBLE feature that we created for this game is nothing like the classic gamble features you’ve seen before. When players press GAMBLE, a hen’s coop will appear on the screen. The hen is holding an egg, so players will have to guess if the hatched egg will deliver a boy or a girl!

country cash 2 gamble

EXPANDING WILD will be triggered when 2 wild symbols appear on the same reel in normal play, and just once on any reel in freespins mode.

Players can win up to 25 FREESPINS each time 3 or more chicken scatter symbols appear on the reels. In freespins mode, all wins are multiplied by 3!

country cash 2 freespins

Some of the most exciting features of Country Jackpots Bounty are the two bonus variants. The CARROT BONUS shows a field full of carrots, which must be picked by the player to reveal prizes, such as credits or freespins. When the rabbit comes out to eat the carrot, bonus mode ends. Players will also have a chance to get the JACKPOT BONUS, where they’ll meet the farmer and his wheel of fortune. Spin the reel to get multipliers, freespins or even one of the jackpots.

country cash 2 bonus

Operators who want to buy online casino games will also discover that Country Jackpots Bounty comes with three PROGRESSIVE JACKPOTS - a mini, major or mega jackpot can be won randomly when scatter symbols appear on all reel stops.

country cash 2 mini jackpot

Besides these two mobile and PC casino games, CasinoWebScripts’ team has also started converting all of their games from FLASH to HTML5. HTML5 allows players to use our games on all mobile and desktop devices, once FLASH will be pulled off the market. Some of the games that we have already converted and are ready to be used with mobile devices include Cleopatra’s Ancient Fortune, Fruit Party-Non Stop, Caesar’s Supremacy, 777 Slot and many more.

2 October 2017

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