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    News Blog Macau Casinos Break Revenue Record in 2013

Macau Casinos Break Revenue Record in 2013

There is no surprise to anyone that Macau casinos have done extremely well last year. This casino destination has managed to become the top gaming hub worldwide, with many casinos being opened and thriving with each year that passes. The glamorous gambling establishments in the Chinese region generated no less than MOP 360.75 billion (US $45.2 billion), with an increase of 18.6 percent compared to the results of 2012, when MOP 304 billion were earned. This way, both gaming software developers and casino operators who opened land-based casinos in Macau made it big this year.

 When it comes to comparing Macau to the Las Vegas Strip, Macau casinos earned in 2013 around seven times more money than Las Vegas during a year. Only in December, financial reports showed that the Chinese gambling hub reached a whopping $4.2 billion.  Analysts predict that Las Vegas Strip casino revenue grew 4 percent last year, the figures being expected to be released sometimes at the end of this month. Furthermore, all the United States gambling establishments earned $37 billion in 2012, which is still $1 billion lower than what Macau casinos generated during that period of time.

Even though analysts predicted a 12-15 percent growth for the income generated by Macau casinos in 2013, the fact that politicians took the decision to allow foreign operators had a positive impact on the gaming hub’s financial figures, which was beneficial for casino operators and gaming software developers. The significant growth was possible even if the government intended to keep its eye on mainland junket operators who could have suffered a crackdown.

Gaming insiders predict that Macau casinos will see amazing results in 2014, especially since the region is starting to develop its infrastructure in order to allow a higher number of visitors, including mass-market gamblers, to access the region more easily. The measures taken in order to allow this to happen include the creation of high-speed railway links and more low-cost flights. Macau is also expected to receive a lot of visits from gamblers during the Lunar New Year.

Even though no new Macau casinos are planned yet for 2014, investors are expected to develop other entertainment facilities, like a theme park on the Hengqin Island near Macau. Furthermore, new hotels are expected to be constructed in Hengqin, hotels which will offer cheaper rooms than Macau.


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