Mobile Casino Marketing Tools for Gaming Operators

20 May 2015

Start mobile casino As the mobile casino market continues to expand, operators who buy mobile casinos need to concentrate on using the latest and most effective marketing techniques to keep their business successful.

Gaming insiders agree that the old marketing tools are not entirely useful anymore, and a well-put-together marketing strategy is definitely a must.

Successful marketing is a long-term process, but you will have to use the latest marketing techniques as soon as you start your mobile casino in order to reach customers immediately. After you have put together the pre-launch marketing, you will have to carry on with your promotional activities and use as many mobile marketing channels as you can.

Marketing tools to use before launching your mobile casino

  • Start a microsite

The purpose of buying a mobile casino is that users will be able to access it on their mobile phones or tablets. Even so, it is important to create a microsite suitable for desktop use. A microsite should contain basic information about your gaming app or mobile site, and information about where they will find your online casino games once they are launched. On your microsite, you can show a few screen shots of casino games, your social media profile links, videos, the platforms that will be supported and your release date.

When you start a microsite, the most important thing to do will be to create a “Subscribe” button. This way, people will leave you their email, and you will get to contact them later, when you start your mobile casino.

  • Prepare your social media pages

Once you buy a mobile casino and you are ready to release it, you should start being present on social media. Creating pages for Facebook, Twitter and videos for YouTube is an essential task that you will have to perform, even if you have not launched your casino yet. You can also add social media buttons on your microsite, so that people will find you easier.

  • Start a blog

A blog with good quality content will be very useful for your mobile casino, due to the fact that it will drive traffic to your microsite. On your blog, you can write about everything related to your mobile games or future bonuses and promotions. When you buy a mobile casino, you will find out that a blog will help you deliver important information to users, and you can use it to cover aspects regarding your mobile games.

Marketing tools to use after launching your mobile casino

  • Write a press release

Once you have put everything together and started your mobile casino, you will have to write a press release about the products and services that your offer. In this press release, you can talk about the unique games that you provide, and what you brought new to the mobile casino gaming world. You will have to send this prelease to a news release agency that specializes in online casino advertising.

  • Gain popularity on App Stores

If you decide to buy a mobile casino that can be accessed within an application found on the App stores, it is essential to optimize it in order to reach potential customers. You will have to convince people to download your app, and you will have to go through a process called app store optimization (ASO).

ASO is similar to the traditional search engine optimization (SEO) process, which means that it will help your rank higher in app stores’ search results and top charts rankings. For this process, you will have to use keywords, tags and description copywriting, along with attractive application icons and game screenshots. The app icon is essential for the success of your mobile casino, due to the fact that an interesting icon will be the first thing that users see when they access the store.

  • Mobile advertisements

There are various networks where you can place ads once you buy a mobile casino. It is important to look for networks that specialize in promoting online gaming, so that you can reach your target audience. When creating an ad, emphasize the strong points of your mobile casino, promote your best games and reveal the biggest bonuses that you can offer. A unique, attractive gambling ad that promises to entertain will catch the attention of users.

  • Use email marketing

Email marketing is one of the most important optimization techniques, whether you buy a mobile casino or you open a desktop casino. Now, you will get the chance to use the emails that you received when people subscribed while visiting your microsite. When sending emails, make sure that they are optimized for mobile devices, and include the app store buttons in the emails.

Starting a mobile casino in the competitive gaming market will require the right combination of marketing tools and techniques. Even though it will be a long-term task, choosing the right marketing strategy is of main importance for running a successful mobile casino.

20 May 2015

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