Movement of Hands Reveals Poker Cards Better than a Poker Face

26 September 2013

A new study conducted by Stanford University unveiled that putting on a good poker face will not necessarily make you win, due to the fact that the movement of the hands during a game can reveal much more than the expression of your face. The study was led by several students who watched videos of several poker games and analyzed the behavior of various poker players. Thus, while the gamblers played the game, the students only observed the way in which the poker pros moved their body while their faces remained hidden.

Surprisingly, the viewers were able to give opinions regarding the quality of the gamblers’ cards which proved to be extremely accurate, by simply analyzing the manner in which the poker pros pushed the chips on the table while betting on the outcome of the hand. Researchers have revealed that when several players were dealt the right cards, they pushed the chips toward the center of the table with more speed than they would have done if they had a less-than-good hand, the lack of hesitation influencing the opinion of the viewers. Another factor would be in regard to how gamblers grasp their chips or move their hands on the table.

Despite the fact that these movements come naturally, poker pros sometimes forget that any part of the body which is visible during game play can reveal important information about the quality of the cards. Thus, poker players might want to pay more attention to controlling their entire body and not only the expression of their face. Poker enthusiasts who would like to open an online casino which can offer top quality poker games can contact our team.

26 September 2013

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