Nevada May Scare Online Casinos off with a New License Fee

17 February 2013

According to information that was gathered by “Casinowebscripts” there is a good chance that William Horne, the Majority Leader of Nevada, is going to try and have the amount that online casino providers have to pay to get a license.
Currently the license fee is at 500,000 dollars for a new license, and it costs casino owners 250,000 dollars each year to renew that license. Horne wants to double both of those fees to 1 million and 500,000 dollars each, which would make the area much less desirable for many casino owners who were once considering setting up shop there.
Although Horne is going to fight to have this new clause passed into law, the Governor is strongly against the law and he thinks that it is going to hurt the online gambling sector within the state, which is something that he does not want to happen now that he has put his favor into the project, as well as putting his favor into getting additional relationships with other states and countries who also deal with online gambling.
By making those changes there would be less people who were willing to set up casinos in the area, and that means that Nevada would be less competitive overall which could only hurt them, for the small amount of additional money that they would gain through the changes.

17 February 2013

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