New Predictions Regarding US Online Gambling Legalization

19 March 2014

Gaming enthusiasts and operators looking to buy casino games from the United States are anxiously waiting to see if regulators will decide to legalize online gambling for Americans. Since Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey decided to open up to internet gaming, no other states have passed bills to join the industry.  Even so, gaming insiders are optimistic when it comes to making predictions about the future of US online casinos.

Fortunately for operators who want to buy casino games, Nevada and Delaware have already signed a Multi-State Internet Gaming Agreement. This agreement will make it possible for residents of these two states to gamble against each other in online poker games. On the other hand, New Jersey is making efforts to outdo Nevada. In order to do so, regulators have already introduced a bill that would allow individuals from outside the state to gamble at New Jersey online casinos. The fact that New Jersey allows all sorts of online gambling encouraged players to open no less than 200,000 accounts in January 2014. During that month, the state raked in $9.5 million from online gambling.  

The whopping results of New Jersey online casinos and the cooperation between Nevada and Delaware will most probably tempt other states to join the industry. The revenues generated by this industry are extremely attractive, and land-based gambling will probably be accompanied by online casinos in more states. Analysts predict that this could happen sometimes in the next 5-6 years, so by 2020, operators will probably buy casino games for online casinos in the US. It will be important for other states to keep up with the competition, and gaming companies will make efforts to develop new and improved casino experiences for online players.

Fortunately for entrepreneurs looking to buy casino games, land-based gambling is already allowed in 20 states and two US territories. All these states could seek to keep up with the competition and create regulatory frameworks to allow online gambling. No less than almost 500 commercial casinos are currently running in the US.

Changes in United States’ regulatory systems are already being made, and the advantages offered by online gambling will attract more states to fill in the framework, maybe even by the beginning of the year 2020. 

19 March 2014

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