Opening an Online Casino Business in Africa

19 July 2022

casino africaAfrica is gradually becoming one of the most fertile grounds for online casino business in the world. With millions of young people having access to the internet and mobile devices, the continent is ripe for more online casinos.

If you are looking for a way to break into the continent and start an online casino in Africa in 2022, this article is written for you. It addresses your concerns, helps you with the factors to consider when starting, highlights possible challenges, and gives an insight into what the future holds for the industry.

First, let’s see some of the factors you should consider before you open an online casino in Africa:

Factors to Consider when Starting an Online casino in Africa

To run a successful online casino business in Africa, you must understand the continent and prevailing conditions that may influence your performance either positively or negatively.

Before you open an online casino in Africa, here are some factors you should consider:

  • Payment Methods

One of the major factors you must consider before you start an online casino in Africa is payment methods. You need an array of payment gateways to meet the different needs of gamers from different geographic locations.

Some of the most popular payment methods supported in Africa include PayPal, Neteller, Wire Transfer, Skrill, credit/debit card, and a host of others.

For the cryptocurrency community, Bitcoin is accepted by most gambling sites. Other supported digital coins include Litecoin (LTC), Dogecoin (DOGE), Cardano (ADA), Tether (USDT), TRON (TRX), and Bitcoin (BTC).

  • Legality

Legality is another important factor to consider when you are planning to start an online casino in Africa in 2022.

In some parts of the continent, gambling is regulated while a good number of countries don’t regulate it. Most African countries are still apprehensive about online casinos and forbid it completely while some countries have a lax attitude towards it and regulate the market at best.

Targeting a country where the government frowns at online gambling is a waste of time, money, labor, and other resources. Hence, you must consider whether gambling is legal or illegal in your target country while drawing your plans.

  • Languages

With over 2,000 languages spoken across Africa, every prospective online casino operator in the continent should consider languages when setting up a casino in the continent.

You must focus on the most popular African languages such as English and French spoken by the majority (about 25% or approximately 500 million) of the citizens. You can run a bilingual online casino that offers players the opportunity to choose their preferred gaming language.

A bilingual platform will enable you to reach a larger audience than a monolingual one.

  • Gaming Content

Gaming content deserves consideration too while planning to start an online casino in Africa in 2022. To appeal to the African gaming community, understand the type of games they are more comfortable with.

You’ll do yourself a disservice if you assume that popular games in Asia or America will do numbers with Africans. Rather than make such a generalized and probably flawed conclusion, take a survey of the continent and have first-hand information about their gaming preferences.

For instance, African gamblers love some table games such as Blackjack, Roulette, and Poker. Football Studio and other football-themed games will also do numbers in the country, thanks to their passion for football games and clubs.

  • Platform Provider

The online gambling industry boasts some top-notch software providers with an impressive list of games to choose from.

Consider the software provider you intend to patronize for your business. Credibility and years of experience are some of the factors to consider when choosing a provider.

Choose a developer who can offer all the instruments that you need to create a successful business. If a single provider can’t meet all your needs, you can choose more than one and integrate games from several providers into your casino, but make sure they can cooperate.

Step-by-Step Guide to Starting an Online Casino in Africa

After considering all relevant factors when planning your business, now’s the time to put your plans into action and start an online casino in Africa.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you set up your online casino business in this region without hassles:

  • Choose Appropriate and Reliable Software Providers

Running an efficient online casino in any part of the world isn’t a joke. You must put all necessary measures in place to ensure that gamers have a hitch-free gaming experience.

If you’re contemplating setting up an online casino for the African audience, a great way to start and meet their expectations is to choose the most appropriate software provider for your business.

The provider must be experienced in providing the type of service you want to offer, the right games, rewards, and other features that will make your online gambling platform a sought-after among the locals. This is necessary to ward off competition and be attractive to your target audience.

Besides meeting your gaming requirements, credibility is another factor you must consider. Check prospective provider’s track record in the business. How is it rated among your competitors? What do experienced gamers have to say about its services and games?

You may do a background check on the company and check online reviews and feedback to give you an insight into what you are up against.

Look out for features such as certifications, gaming content, technical support, security, and others that may have a huge positive impact on your brand. Once you find a software provider or a couple of them that meet your requirements, go ahead and hire them.

  • Select the Best Games

It’s a known fact that gamers are attracted to platforms that offer them the most innovative, rewarding, and exciting games. African players will rate your online casino according to the number and quality of games on offer.

Hence, when setting your business, consider adding the best poker, bingo, Blackjack, Baccarat, Slots, Roulette, and other popular games. Don’t restrict your players to a handful of outdated and unexciting games. Give them several options that will make them ask for more and be dedicated to patronizing your casino.

A live casino with live video streaming and real dealers won’t be a bad idea. The goal is to give your audience a real-life casino presence and a memorable gaming experience. Other options you should consider include sportsbook and virtual sports to increase gamers’ options and make your casino business more appealing to prospective players.

  • A Gaming License is a Necessity

Operating without a gaming license in certain parts of the continent is an invitation to disaster. You run the risk of governments breathing down your neck as an illegal casino operator.

Considering the diversity in legal frameworks across the continent, make sure you understand gambling laws in your targeted countries before making a move.

A simple research on the continent’s stance on online gambling and safe countries where your operations won’t be penalized will be helpful.

Armed with the information, approach each country’s online gambling regulatory bodies and obtain necessary operational licenses.

For instance, some parts of the continent, especially the North African countries, frown at gambling, while some license land-based gaming platforms.

On the other hand, Morocco and Egypt operates unregulated gambling marketing, allowing foreign investors to target local players, although these countries don’t offer local license.

Gambling remains an unregulated market in most sub-Saharan African countries and thus some governments don’t issue operating licenses to casino owners. Foreign operators can target the locals in these countries without a license.

Only land-based gambling is regulated in some countries such as Uganda, Kenya, and Zambia. Authorities in these countries issue licenses for operators in that niche, although the licenses are available to online operators as well.

The Nigerian online casino market is flourishing, thanks to the country’s immense population. The market remains largely unregulated at the federal level, although some states such as Lagos demand that online casino operators obtain the necessary licenses before they can operate in the state.

Depending on where you intend to operate in the continent, you may need multiple licenses to operate in some countries. Do a thorough research into licensing in your target market and obtain necessary permission to enable you to operate without issues with the authorities.

  • Offer Multiple and Secure Payment Methods

As an online casino operator in Africa, you’re reaching out to gamblers drawn from over 50 countries using different currencies. Hence, make provision for international commercial transactions that may include receiving and sending international payments in a generally-accepted currency such as dollar.

Integrate multiple payment systems on your casino platform to accommodate players from different countries and allow them, irrespective of their locations, to make transactions effortlessly on the gaming site.

Your platform should support major e-payment systems and allow players to choose the most appropriate payment gateway. Otherwise, you run the risk of losing your players to your competitors if they go through a hard time with funding their accounts or withdrawing their winnings.

Besides offering multiply payment methods, their security is also important. Secure the supported payment solutions to ensure that online fraudsters won’t breach your site’s security and make away with your players’ money.

For a start, sign security agreements with whatever payment provider you patronize and ensure they are committed to secure transactions. You can’t afford to make your players vulnerable to such attacks without paying the price.

  • Create a Casino Website

One of the most effective ways to reach your target audience across the continent is to give it global exposure through a well-designed website.

Through the website, you can easily attract and retain customers. Start from the landing page and make it visually appealing and easily navigable. The website must spot an attractive design that distinguishes it from other competitors in the business.

Consider responsiveness too. When you are targeting players from diverse backgrounds, make your website responsive to offer them the best gaming experience irrespective of their chosen devices. A personal computer user should have a similar experience to someone playing via a mobile device.

  • Marketing and Promotion are Necessary

Having an online presence alone won’t give your business the needed exposure. Complement your great website and content with the right marketing strategy. Your marketing technique should include an effective affiliate system. The rewarding system will increase your business’s appeal, increase its traffic, and attract more gamers.

You should also set up bonus systems, introduce loyalty programs for dedicated and long-term players, incorporate retention campaigns, and other incentives that won’t only improve traffic to your website but also help you to retain your best customers.

Bear in mind that Africa is a large continent with cultural differences. Factor in their diverse culture when drawing up your marketing campaign. The goal is to ensure that your marketing campaign content won’t trigger cultural clashes.

africa continentChallenges of Online Betting in Africa

While Africa offers a booming online gambling market to tap into, intending operators must fully understand that they won’t always have it smooth.

Understanding some of the potential challenges inherent in investing in the continent’s gambling market will prepare you for the obstacles ahead.

Some of the common challenges you must contend with if you desire to  start an online casino in Africa include but are not limited to the following:

  • Infrastructure

Africa lags behind some of the advanced continents such as America, Asia, and the likes, infrastructure-wise. From erratic power to poor Internet connectivity, the continent has its fair share of challenges that may discourage intending investors in the gambling business.

This twin challenge of poor electricity and Internet connectivity may restrict your operations to some parts of the continent, denying every qualified gambler from accessing your platform.

  • Culture

With diverse cultures, some pro-gambling and some anti-gambling, the cultural differences across the continent may prevent you from progressing as you desire.

Hence, you must tailor your business plan to factor in Africans’ diverse cultures. That’s a great way to break the barrier posed by cultural differences and give players from different backgrounds access to your platform.

  • Regulation

Regulations in another potential challenge you may have to contend with if you open an online casino in Africa.

As repeatedly mentioned in this article, the continent doesn’t operate a single gambling regulation, making it difficult for investors to identify a specific regulation issue to address.

It is important to do background check on your target countries, understand their regulations, and find a way to operate without flouting the market’s rules and regulations in the country.

Otherwise, you may find yourself at the other side of the law, a move that may have a huge negative impact on your business and brand.

The Future of Online Casino in Africa

The challenges aside, online gambling market in Africa is promising. With more countries relaxing their restrictions and others regulating the market to give more room for investors, you may look forward to a successful online business in the continent.

Another positive about the continent is the increasing number of mobile device owners in the continent. With millions of young Africans having access to the Internet and Internet-enabled devices, the industry can look forward to an increasing number of players in the future.

When planning to start an online casino in Africa in 2022, consider all the factors and align your plans with them. Obtain necessary licenses, patronize the best software providers, and give your audience nothing but the best games. Complying with these will increase your chances of running a successful gambling platform in Africa.

19 July 2022

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