Online Casino Secrets for Gaming Operators

7 December 2017

online casino secretsInternet casinos are doing their best today to attract as many casino players as possible, and since the competition is fierce, the best thing to do is to follow which online casinos offer the best gaming products and bonuses, in the attempt to reach a large number of players daily. If you’re looking to start an online casino business, you should definitely know about the secrets of other online casino operators who made it big in the industry.

When people play casino games of skill and luck, they are taking a risk which online casinos understand, and always look to keep players coming back for more. If you want to become an online casino operator, by now, you’ve most surely learned that casinos manage to make huge profits, no matter how much some players win. Casinos are created to offer games that are tilted in the house’s favor, and who are we to say that this is wrong? Players come to online casinos for fun, and some of them manage to make small fortunes, but the truth is that the majority of players end up losing money in the long term.

How is this possible you may ask? Well, it’s never about the casino using techniques to cheat, but there are some tricks that casinos legally use to keep as much of their money as possible, while having security measures which are designed to catch any player who’s trying to cheat.

Games that have a higher house edge

high house edge gameIt’s a known fact that almost any game you’ll find at an online or land-based casino is usually tilted in the house’s favor. Even so, some games are going to make players lose more money. There are certain games which have been designed from the beginning to keep players from winning.

Some of the most popular casino games are, as we know, blackjack, baccarat, roulette or craps, but there are also lots of games known as “carnival games” which have high house advantages. In this category we would include games such as Three-card Poker, Blackjack Ultimate, Let it Ride or Caribbean Stud, and many slots which have high house advantages, meaning that the house wins in the long run. Even so, players are usually mesmerized by the bigger payouts of these games, sometimes even 250-to-1, but eventually, they end up losing more.

Like so, it’s an interesting idea to add similar games to your online casino once you have decided to start your online gaming business. Players are always looking for a variety of casino games, and if the rules of these games are similar to the classics, it will be easy for them to learn the rules and play.

Getting players to keep pressing SPIN

jokers on fireEngaging players’ senses is one of the most common and effective strategy that online casinos use to keep players gambling. Online casino games that attract players are designed with high-quality graphics and interesting sound effects, which are meant to entertain players and give them that feeling of everything happening really fast, while also being exciting.

Even if in land-based casinos it’s much easier to use such strategies by offering alcoholic drinks, food and even complimentary rooms, the online casino world can be just as attractive for players who are looking for fun.

The visual and audio appeal of games is a factor that clearly stimulates players’ senses, so when you open an online casino business, take a good look at the games that you buy. Animated games with symbols that pop up on the screen or are followed by short videos, sound effects which give that feeling of winning and an animated background will add to the excitement of players.

It has been scientifically proved that both audio and visual effects easily influence players’ behaviors by offering a rewarding feeling after a win occurs. Even so, many times, the win can be smaller than the bet, but those sounds and enticing effects are still there, so players think they win more instead of actually losing.

The feeling of nearly winning

santa spinsWhen you play a casino game and nearly win that big prize, nothing gets your adrenaline pumping than that feeling of almost taking the money from the online casino. You know that it’s almost time to win big, and you keep on playing, right? Like so, online casino games, no matter if they’re slots, table games or any other type, are designed to payout small wins in the short term, but in the long term, they make more from online casino players.

Let’s take the example of slot machines, which constantly deliver small payouts while the symbols on the screen seem to always get closer to forming that winning line which deliver the big jackpot. Don’t you feel excited when you see you’re one cherry or lucky seven symbol away from the jackpot? So what do you do? You keep playing, of course.

In blackjack, winning hands give players the feeling that they can continue to win, but the house edge always grinds away at their bankroll, and there goes all the players’ money. Other games such as craps give players a feeling of control, since rolling the dice could seem like you have a direct influence on the outcome. It’s just luck sometimes, but you can’t really beat the game in the long run.

Free credits and bonuses

free creditsAnything that’s free will always guarantee that players feel better about coming back to your online casino. It’s much easier to attract players with freebies in land-based casinos – you can offer food, drinks, coupons and other free or reduced services, which make them feel like they have gained something even if they haven’t actually won anything.

Since we’re in the online gaming world and there’s nothing we can do to send players free drinks or food, the next best thing is to offer special bonuses and free credits. In terms of bonuses, there are many different ones that you can offer. There is a lot of competition on the online gaming scene among online casino operators, each of them trying to offer the best bonuses.

There are 3 kinds of bonuses that any reputable online casino should offer: welcome bonus, no deposit bonus and multiple deposit bonus. The Welcome Bonus is awarded when players sign-up at your online casino, even before playing their first game. It’s designed to attract players to take a look at what your casino has to offer. The No Deposit bonus is also used as an acquisition tool by online casino gaming businesses. When this type of bonus is awarded, players get credits without having to make a deposit now or in the future, but they can’t withdraw it straight back to their bank. With this amount of money, they have to play games at your casino for a certain number of times before being allowed to cash out.

Offering progressive jackpot games

progressive jackpotIt’s almost always guaranteed that playing network progressive jackpot slots costs more than the non-progressive versions. The large prize that can be won by players who hit the jackpot is built from a small percentage of every bet placed on every progressive slot of the casino software provider. Usually, for progressive jackpot slots, there is a minimum wager required, which is larger than the wager for non-progressive jackpot slots.

Jackpot games are also promoted as games which offer prizes that change some people’s lives thanks to the grand prizes offered by the online casinos. All casinos where jackpots have been won by players boast about the amounts that they have granted to players. The bigger the amount, the more players are willing to play that casino game, hoping that they’ll hit the jackpot as well.

7 December 2017

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