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    News Blog Online Gambling Sites Do Not Threaten Land-Based Casinos

Online Gambling Sites Do Not Threaten Land-Based Casinos

Since online gambling started to expand at a very fast pace, several brick-and-mortar casino moguls started complaining that internet gaming will cannibalize the land-based gambling industry. Online casino software providers and gaming operators explained that they are not trying to destroy land-based casinos, and that the two industries should complement each other.

 One of the most influential opponents of online gaming is Sheldon Adelson, the CEO of Las Vegas Sands. The casino magnate explained many times that he is completely against online gaming and betting sites. The main argument of Adelson’s opposition is that people who have the opportunity to play from their own homes will no longer come to a land-based casino. By gambling from home, people also save money that they would usually spend on restaurants or hotel rooms in cities that offer gambling.

On the other hand, online gambling entrepreneurs and online casino software providers believe that the internet gaming industry could even bring new customers to land-based casinos. Online operators explained that online casinos are part of a new market, and people who are accustomed with brick-and-mortar casinos could try playing online just for fun. Gamblers who are used to going to casinos not only like actually playing the games live, but are also attracted by the atmosphere and customer service. Land-based casino customers who actually like going there will still prefer the near-by restaurants, the spa treatments or the live dealer gaming experience.

Players who access online casinos and still enjoy land-based gambling could take advantage of special promotions. Online casino software providers can create solutions for operators who run both an online and offline gambling business, in order to offer special bonuses to players. For example, if an individual plays games at the online casino, he could receive a special voucher or bonus that can be used at the land-based casino.  

A great advantage of online gaming is the fact that while playing table games, gamblers can play for very low stakes. At land-based casinos, not everyone has the possibility to play with the high-rollers who bet big at poker tables. Even so, there was no sign of cannibalization since online poker was launched in Nevada in 2013.

People who play the lottery or bingo also claimed that the legalization of online gambling in the US would not make them change their gambling habits.


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