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Places around the World Where Casinos Will Thrive in 2014

Operators who want to open an online casino or start land-based casino in different areas around the world might be interested in the predictions that gaming insiders have for us for 2014, most of them being positive and saying that internet gaming sites will thrive in the year to come.

When it comes to the Asian gambling market, there is no doubt that Macau gambling companies will continue expanding their businesses inside the most lucrative gaming hub in the world. The gaming insiders at CasinoWebScripts learned that Macau will start attracting more mass-market visitors in the near future, especially due to the fact that the region will be linked to the mainland by high-speed rail links and other convenient means of transportation. Macau casino entrepreneurs are also expected to introduce more innovative solutions like mobile tablet live dealer games, in order to build customer loyalty and keep their clients from not leaving the casino if there are no seats available at game tables.

 Japan will also keep up with the competition and will offer two resort casino licenses, but we can’t be sure who will obtain them yet. The year 2013 is the year when Macau, Japan, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Taiwan, South Korea and India started proposing legislations, constructing new land-based casinos and even opening grand resorts. The Asian gaming market is expected to evolve a lot more in 2014 and operators looking to open an online casino or brick-and-mortar casino could hit the jackpot by developing such businesses in this prosperous region.

The American gaming industry has seen a lot of changes in 2013, with Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware being the first ones to legalize online gambling. California is one of the American states where online gaming will develop sooner than expected. This will be a consequence of the fact that the state’s Native American tribes will soon start to open online casinos for residents outside and even inside the US. Other American states that could pass online gambling bills are Illinois, Pennsylvania and Colorado. The US is still waiting for a federal bill that will legalize online poker, but until then, the fight will be given between individual states. Latin America is also progressing and the online gaming industry in the region will most surely continue to grow.

In Europe, we might see Italy and Spain sharing online poker liquidity in 2014, while France will continue operating solo on the online gambling scene, as the country’s government recently denied the idea to share liquidity with other EU operators. Entrepreneurs who want to open an online casino might like to know that Germany has experienced a significant growth over the last three years, the country currently being one of the top European online and mobile gaming markets.

With all of this said, the team at CasinoWebScripts would like to wish you a Happy New Year and may you hit the jackpot in the amazing online gambling industry! 



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