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Playing the New 5 Card Poker Deluxe Game from Casinowebscripts

Online poker is extremely popular with many gamblers today, but it can be pretty expensive to get a massive online poker room set up with players who can play against one another in real-time. Instead of worrying about that type of setup you can do the next best thing as an online gaming supplier and offer a single player solution, with a computer opponent.
5 Card Poker is a game created by a software development company known as Casinowebscripts. This company is well known for making quality flash software that will run on any operating system and just about any computer. They are also known for their games because they don’t come along with royalties like many other games do today, which means that they can be far more profitable over time.
Five Card Draw
Anyone who is familiar with the five card draw variation of poker should have no problem with the game created by Casinowebscripts because that is essentially what it is. During the game you will have three chances to bet, and one chance to swap out cards.
Before any cards have been handed out you can place a bet. After the cards have been handed out to you, you can place another bet, and swap out any cards that you need to switch. Then you get to see your new cards and place one final bet on your hand.
The game controls how much you can bet based off of the initial bet that you put down, because it only allows you to double your bet amount, for each of the two bet times after the first.
The game is slightly adjustable with a few different colors that can be chosen. IT is also possible to turn on or off the sound for either the music or the game sounds. It is also possible to set your cards to be face up as soon as they are handed out to you, and to also have the cards dealt out to your very quickly.
A poker aficionado will be very comfortable with this game, and most basic poker players will know most of what it takes for this game to be played properly. There are also directins explaining exactly how to play the game. The only thing that the directions are lacking is the set of Poker hand guidelines that let you know which hands beat which other hands. This information can be looked up and added somewhere where it will be visible while playing if you are not familiar with those hand rankings.
As far as an online gaming supplier goes, Casinowebscripts is one of the better options on the market. They make quality games that have an appealing design that players are going to want to begin enjoying as soon as they see them. They also don’t charge royalties each year, and they price their software at reasonable prices as well which should not take that long to pay off in the first place. Overall 5 Card Poker is a decent deal for a casino that is trying to profit off the poker industry without dealing with significant investments early on.



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