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    News Blog Spanish Regulators to Legalize Online Slots and Exchange Betting

Spanish Regulators to Legalize Online Slots and Exchange Betting

Casino operators who seek to develop an online casino in Spain could have the opportunity to introduce slots to their internet gambling sites soon. Spanish regulators announced in 2013 that they will soon allow both slots and exchange betting in the country. Last year, no significant events in regard to this matter occurred, despite the fact that this issue was discussed many times. Fortunately for operators who want to develop an online casino in Spain, the Direccion General de Ordenacion del Juego (DGOJ), recently announced that the gaming market in the country will soon offer slots and exchange betting.

Even though it will take time before entrepreneurs would actually introduce such gambling options to their casinos, the DGOJ explained that it will submit a draft ministerial order no later than February 19. The DGOJ also announced that the draft will be published on their site, where everyone from gaming insiders to gaming enthusiasts will be allowed to give their opinion regarding this new upcoming regulation.

Despite the fact that several assumptions have been made, and supposedly some aspects in the draft legislation were improperly leaked, the DGOJ version that will be published is the one that matters. The DGOJ explained that after they receive comments from industry members and operators who want to develop an online casino, they could modify the draft document before they decide to submit it to the Tax Ministry.

The leaked documents, which might not be identical to the ones in the final version of the draft, revealed a series of significant aspects. When it comes to online slots, the operator will supposedly be able to set several features, like the minimum payout percentage or prizes that can be won.

Gaming insiders explained that operators who want to develop an online casino in Spain could have better chances at starting this kind of business once the new draft legislation is approved. Regulators are expected to introduce a provision that will lower tax rates, in order to make it easier for operators to open internet casinos in Spain’s struggling economy. Spain is still fighting the effects of the recession, and the unemployment rate in the country is still extremely high. The expansion of the gambling market would represent an opportunity for the European country to create new jobs and increase revenue for the state’s coffers.


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