Study Shows That Better Gambling Decisions Are Made When You Are Hungry

30 October 2014

Many people believe that they are more anxious and can’t concentrate when they are on an empty stomach. Even so, the researchers at the Utrecht University in The Netherlands have revealed that people can make better gambling decisions when they are hungry. The study was carried out on several participants who were asked to not eat during the evening. In the morning, only half of them were given food when they arrived at the testing laboratory.  

Companies who are looking to open an online gambling site should know that after that, the participants were given series of tasks which are in accordance with the Iowa Gambling Task (IGT). The IGT is a test that revealed the response of people while simulating real-life decision making.

The results of the test surprisingly unveiled that the participants who were on an empty stomach managed to make better quick decisions, due to the fact that people could better appreciate rewards when they were hungry. Operators who want to open an online gambling site might like to know that, during one session of the study, the participants were required to choose between receiving a small amount of money in the present or a larger amount of money in the future.

The results showed that those who were hungry chose to receive more money in the future, while the majority of those who ate wanted a small amount of money right away. Like so, the study showed that hungry people had a better perception of the fact that they can get bigger rewards in the future.

If you want to open an online gambling site, you might be interested in the fact that researchers called this the ‘hot state’, which signifies that people can make different decisions when they are influenced by a strong emotion. It seems like the ‘hot state’ which appears when people are hungry is actually beneficial for gambling enthusiasts.

30 October 2014

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