Summer 2015 Online Casino Slot Games Sales

15 June 2015

For the summer of 2015, we offer a lot of great deals for operators who are looking to buy online casino games. We provide discounts for a large selection of our premium games, including our state-of-the-art 3D cinematic slots game, Ancient Wonders. We have selected games with different themes, so that operators can start an online casino with discounted slot games from our collection. Hurry up, because you can buy these games on sale for a limited time only.

  • A Christmas Slot 50% discount – this is one of our favorite Christmas-themed games. The 5 reels slot is suitable for any player who wants to get into the holiday spirit, even if it’s the middle of summer. With a multitude of features and vivid colors, this game will catch the eye of any casino player who wants to feel the holiday joy
  • Country Cash 40% discount – an all-time favorite for operators who buy online casino games, this 9 reels slot presents the story of a farm with puppies, cows, chickens and many more. Farm-themed games are always appreciated by the online gaming community, and this game’s variety of features, such as a haystack bonus, a wheel-spinning bonus, an expanding wild and free spins will offer increased winning chances to gaming enthusiasts
  • Knights and Cashtles 35% discount – enter the dragon’s layer in this action-packed, 5 reels slot. At this point in time, the medieval theme of this game is very popular among online casino players, and entrepreneurs who buy online casino games are eager to add such games to their collection. Knights and Cashtels comes with a unique bonus and a lot of additional game features that are waiting to be discovered by those who play this slot game
  • Scatter Beach Party 35% discount – one of the best things about summer must be the beach parties. This game is perfect for the summer holidays season, but anyone who wants to feel like they’re at the seaside can play this game all year long
  • Old Wild West Reels 35% discount – this 5 reels slot is one of the most exciting cowboy games that you will find. Old Wild West Reels will keep the adrenaline flowing for all casino gaming enthusiasts, due to its wide variety of additional features, such as an outlaw bonus mode, a cowgirl expanding wild, plus an original gamble mode where players will have to choose the best shooter
  • SuperHero Reels 35% discount – this game is a must if you want to buy online casino games, due to the fact that it offers all the necessary features to keep players coming back for more action. Join the fight for justice with this action-packed casino slot game
  • Reel Cuisine 35% discount – this game is great for all foodies out there. Pizza, pasta, croissants and cheeses are all present on the 3 reels of this deliciously-crafted game. Join the chef and win amazing prizes with this colorful slot game
  • Los Ganadores 35% discount – spin the reels and reveal the winnings of the Mariachi with this 3 reels slot game. Players will unveil incredible prizes while enjoying the bonus feature, the vividly-colored symbols and the fun piñata
  • Year Two 35% discount – take a walk back in the past and see what the Stone Age can offer you. With two bonus modes and a bunch of funny characters, this slot game will keep players entertained at all times
  • Catz Love 35% discount – this cute, 5 reels slot is perfect for those who are into romance and sweet things. This game shouldn’t be missed if you want to buy online casino games. Discover the story of the tomcat who sings a song to the pretty cat lady, and see if they love was meant to be
  • Archer of Slotwood 35% discount – join the archer in his fight for righteousness and keep the prizes coming. A game that reminds us of the old stories about archers who fought against the rich and helped the poor. During the bonus feature, players can try their luck to win the grand prize by claiming bags of gold with a bow and arrow
  • Tequila Fiesta 35% discount – operators who buy online casino games will see that the name of this game is very suggestive: have fun while spinning the 7 reels and discover the bonus feature, where you will have to help the guy at the bar drink the shots while not falling under the table
  • Ju Jungle Monkey Kingdom 30% discount – in the mighty jungle, players will get to spin the reels that unveil symbols like the Amazonian goddesses, the cheeky monkeys and the fancy flamingos. With a unique gambling features with monkeys and their bananas and a choose-the-monkey bonus mode, players will feel like they’re behind a tree and watching the action live
  • The Great Escape 30% discount – one of the most exciting prison-breaking casino games, where players will get the chance to help the convict escape and be free again. The plot of this 5 reels slot will keep users entertained and willing to play more
  • 777 Slot 30% discount – a classic among the online casino slot games, the 777 slot should definitely be included in your portfolio when you buy online casino games. This game reminds us of the traditional fruit slots and the 7 lucky number that represented the grand jackpot in land-based casinos
  • Ancient Wonders 3D 20% discount– our first 3D cinematic slot game comes with a great discount of 20% for June 2015 only. Discover the Seven Wonders of the World in this mesmerizing slot game and meet Zeus himself in the groundbreaking bonus mode

In order to see our entire games collection that are on sale right now, you can visit our dedicated hot deals page, where you will find great prices for roulette games, video poker, Texas Hold’em poker, arcade games and many more, all discounted for a limited time only.

15 June 2015

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