The Evolution of Slot Games Choosing the Best Slots for an Online Casino

21 April 2022

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Definition of Slots

If you are into the online casino business or you intend to go into it as an operator, one of the elements that you should consider is slot games. Many people believe that the foundation of both brick and mortar and online casinos is based on slot machines. That is why it is important to consider taking a look at slot games development companies and choose the right ones for your business. To satisfy your teeming prospective customers you need to purchase slot games for online casinos from the best brands which offer a good price-quality ratio.

Slots are gambling machines that provide games of chance for players. While the Americans call them slot machines, the British refer to them as fruit machines, and the Australians call them poker machines or pokies. The layout of the standard slot machine comes with a screen that has three or more reels. When you activate the games, the reels will start spinning, coming up with symbols that indicate winnings.

Nowadays, buttons and touchscreens have replaced the levers in the older slot machines. The result of online slots is now determined by the random number generators. The current machines have currency detectors that validate people’s payments, and after the spinning of the reels, the machine pays according to the symbols displayed on the reels. Slot machines came around in the 19th century, and have grown to become the most popular online casino games. We will look at the history and evolution of online slot games below.

The History of Slots

History has it that the slot machine came into existence in 1894, created by Sittman and Pitt. At that time, it came with 5 drums and up to 50 playing cards. They placed them in bars, and people played with just one nickel. Then, players had to insert their nickel and pull the lever to play, and they get paid when they line up poker hands on the reels.

Between 1887 and 1895, Charles Augustus Fey, who many people refer to as the inventor of the first slot machine, came up with the Liberty Bell. He designed this to offer automatic payouts by making it easier for the machine to read a win. He did this by replacing the 5 drums in the existing slots with 3 drums. He also designed it with 5 symbols instead of 50, and those were the liberty bell from where the machine got its name, horseshoes, spades, diamonds, and hearts.

In 1907, the Operator Bell machine came into existence and challenged the Liberty Bell, even though the authorities banned slot machines in 1902. This brought about the fruit machine because they couldn’t distribute cash prizes because of the ban on gambling. Instead, the machines worked with fruit symbols, paying out sweets and chewing gums with flavors of the fruits on the winning symbols. The Operator Bell was designed by Herbert Mills of Chicago, and they placed it in salons, shops, and bowling alleys. At this time, all the slot machines were technical.

In 1964, the first electronic slot machine named Money Honey was born. This came with entirely electronic-operated reels, though you still have to pull the lever to start the game. It was designed by a man named Bally and came with a bottomless hopper that allowed it to pay out up to 500 coins. It became very popular, as people embraced it, and this led to the removal of the lever from the machine at some point.

The first video slot was designed by Kearny Mesa of Fortune Coin in Las Vegas in 1976. It worked with a 19-inch Sony TV to display the action and was first seen in the Las Vegas Hilton hotel. The Nevada State Gaming Commission later approved it after it was made cheat-proof and modified. The popularity of slots kept soaring, and this made IGT buy over Fortune Coin in 1978.

In 1996, a slot game that has a second screen bonus round came from WMS Industries Inc. it became the first video slot to have its bonus round on a second screen. This made slots more popular and they accounted for up to 70% of casino revenue.

Types of Slots

There are many types of slots offered by casino operators online, and if you want to provide a wholesome online casino service to your customers, it’s important to know the types of slots available on the market. Here are some of the most well-known slot types out there:

Free Slot Machines

When you want to purchase online slot games with source codes, you need to get the free or demo version first. Many people see free slots as a new development in the slot gaming world. They came with the online slots variant because the operators were looking for something that people can practice with before they deposit and wager real money. Free slots allow players to play for free with chips given by the casino. They give players the chance to learn and master the game, develop and sharpen their strategies, and understand the workings of the casino website.

Real Money Slots

Most slot developers and players believe that slots should put some amount of money into action at some point. That is the essence of real money slots. Here, you will have slot games with elegant graphics and melodious sound effects, and they come with varying themes and allow players to stake some money and win or lose in return. In the UK, Australia, and many other western countries, the law authorizes people to gamble with online slots, and the real money slots provide this service to them. They are the most played form of slots, and you will find them in their thousands in almost all online casinos out there. When you buy online slot games of this type from us, you get a lot of extra services, including long-term technical and customer support. You can also use our games to gain any type of license in any country.

Three Reel (Classic) Slots

These are the online slots that come with only three reels. Many people refer to them as One-Armed Bandits just as they were called during the traditional mechanical slots era. These are recommended for new players that are still learning about the slot gaming arena.  They are very simple and easy to play. The online versions are designed with basic and easily understandable rules, with user-friendly interface. That makes it easier for players to win huge prizes. Their pay lines range from 3 to 9, and they allow a bet of up to 3 coins on each line. Most of them also come with jackpots that a player wins once they land three symbols.

Five Reel Slots

These are also known as video slots, and they do not come with levers because they are completely digital. They are the most common type of online slots in casinos, and they have a varying number of maximum coins. The video slots are designed with attractive graphics and beautiful sound effects. They are equipped with more pay-lines, and this gives the players more winning chances. Five reel slots can have up to 200 pay-lines, and players have the chance to enjoy between 20 and 25 combinations. This simply increases their winning chances.

Progressive Slot

Progressive slots are also popular in the slot world, and you may need to consider adding them to your cart when you want to purchase slot games for online casinos from us. Progressive slots power the progressive jackpots for players that stake maximum lines. This is a contributory kind of slot where some portion of each player’s stake goes into a pool. This pool accumulates and is later paid as a lump sum to the lucky winner or winners. In some of the progressive slots, the total amount accumulated over time is shown to players before it is paid out. These can be 3 or 5 reel slots, and you must make the minimum bet to qualify for the jackpot. Some progressive jackpots have a network of machines, including those on other casino websites, and some amounts of the money wagered in all of them accumulate to pay out to the winner.

Virtual Reality Slots

This is a slot game in a virtual reality environment. It is a situation where the player gets immersed into the virtual reality world, with the help of the special VR helmets, playing slot games as if they are playing them live. It gives the online casino players a more realistic experience, similar to what is obtainable in land-based casinos. Though this is still new, it is a fast-developing area.

3D Slots

These are online slots that come with three-dimensional elements. Most of the developers give them popular culture themes, while in some cases; they come with cinema and video game themes. Most slot games may come with attributes from different types of slots and combine them in a game. That is part of what makes online slots interesting.

Why Online Slots Are So Popular

The first reason why online slot games are so popular is that they are easy to master and play. There is nothing technical about pressing a button that spins the reels after choosing one of the symbols and dropping your stake. So, while the game is very entertaining and beautiful to play, it is also user-friendly and easy to play.

  • Online Slots Are Engaging

Slots have never been out of business and have maintained their popularity even during the era of brick and mortar casinos. This is because they is very engaging, making it always attract crowds. Slots are one of the simplest forms of leisure, and they do not require serious learning before you can master them.

  • You Can Play Them Free Online

Casino software developers designed the free play or demo games to help players master the new casino environment and learn new games before they play with real money. They are the best learning and practicing tools for those who are new to online casinos.

  • Slot Games Are Easily Accessible Online

Many developers capitalize on the fact that slots are the most played in casinos to design more slots. So many of them are available to operators and players that you can never lack slots to enjoy.

  • Slots Are High Paying

Among all the online casino games, slots have one of the best payouts. They pay huge returns to players, so players love them for this. There are also progressive slots that come with huge jackpot payouts to the lucky players. These are the reasons why online slot machines are popular.

  • Slots Are Loved Because Of the Variety

 They come with different themes, reducing the possibility of boredom. The themes make them stand apart from each other and focus on the amount of fun they are offering. Players also come with varying preferences, and so the variations in slot themes help.

How the Internet Changed the Entire Concept of Traditional Slot Games

According to history, the slot machine could be described as a survivor. This game that has been around since the 19th century has always found a way to adapt and remain relevant. The slot machines were mechanical at first, with levers that players pulled. The ban on gambling later came, and slots turned into fruit machines offering non-cash prizes, with the symbols changing to family-friendly fruits. The lifting of the ban gave rise to the traditional fruit machines that are available in many online casinos to date. However, in 1963, mechanical slots gave way to electronic slots. This was followed by the first video slot in 1976.

When the digital revolution came in the 1990s, slots went online, and the first online casino slot was thrown into the market in 1996. They changed the outlook of slots. The fact that you can conveniently play games at home on your PC or your mobile device while on the go, made slot games more available. The fact that you don’t have to go to a brick-and-mortar house removed the negative social impression that slots and other casino games had. The payouts, the variations and types, the entertainment value, and everything about slots changed when slots went online.

The Most Popular Slot Game Themes

Slot games come with varying themes. These are the ideas or topics upon which the slots are built. Players’ slot preferences hugely depend on themes. While some themes are more popular than others, make sure to check out the most requested ones when you start an online casino with slot games.

Slot themes can be practically any topic in the world, and some of the popular slot themes are pirates, ancient Egypt, buccaneers, Christmas, adventure, Halloween, Oriental, Romance, and Sports. Others are comedy, TV and Movies, Witch, Vikings, Superhero, Blockbuster, Vampire, Quest, Greek, Asian, Italian, American, African, History, Aztec, Reality Shows, etc.

At CasinoWebScripts, we offer slots with varying themes, so you have a wide range to choose from if you decide to purchase slot games for online casinos from us.

21 April 2022

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