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Top Games Chosen by Online Casino Players in 2015

If you want to buy casino games for your online casino, you might be interested in knowing which games and themes are the most popular among the gambling community. Online casino players’ preferences usually change throughout the years, but some games tend to remain present on the online gambling scene. Top casino games


  1. American Roulette – this game remains a favorite among online casino players, due to the fact that it is popular in casinos all around the world, and the majority of gamblers enjoy making bets while playing roulette. Despite the fact that the original version of this game was created in Europe, there is a large number of players who prefer the American version. Gaming insiders usually encourage players to try European roulette due to the fact that it offers increased winning chances. Even so, the majority of online casino players stick to playing the American version of roulette.


  2. Classic video poker – operators who are looking to buy casino games should know that video poker remains a classic among online gambling enthusiasts in 2015. This game is not complicated, it does not require a large set of skills, but it keeps players entertained at all times. The great thing about this game is that users have the feeling that they can influence their winnings by choosing the right cards.


  3. Texas Hold’em Poker – this version of online poker continues to appeal to the majority of the online gambling community. The rules of this game are not complicated, but poker can be considered a game of skill. This is why users enjoy it: you learn the rules of this game, put them into practice and get to win amazing prizes. When you buy casino games, you will see that this game is always in demand, and people can’t get enough of it.


  4.  Online casino slots – dozens of new online casino slots appear daily on the internet, and the reason behind this is that players are looking for diversity. There are several themes that seem to remain popular no matter what, and we have selected some of our games that currently have the highest impact on online casino players.


    • Triple Fruits – fruit-related slots have been popular ever since the first slot machine was invented. This classic theme continues to appeal to players, and the majority of online operators who buy casino games always have at least one fruit slot in their collection


    • 777 Slot – the number 7 has always been used as a lucky symbol for slot machines. 777 is also a jackpot number for slot machines in the United States, and people tend to play this game due to the significance of this golden number


    • Redneck Dynasty – farm-related online games have gained a lot of popularity in the last few years. One of the most popular farm games, Farmville, which is offered by Facebook, has millions of users who harvest their crops and trade items with their online friends. Since this game went viral, farm-themed games have caught the eye of online casino players, and operators who buy casino games included them in their collections


    • Nights in Vegas – when it comes to online gambling, there is no better theme to think about than Vegas. We are all mesmerized by the glamour of Las Vegas, and having a little part of it on our computer screen or mobile phone brings us closer to Sin City


  5. Baccarat – one of the top online casino games that players prefer is Baccarat. Baccarat is seen as an exclusive game for high rollers, and was traditionally reserved for the social elite in live casinos. This is why operators who buy casino games add this game to their portfolio: they offer users a chance to play a game that was once fit for royalty, with high chances of winning.



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