HTML5 Mobile and Desktop Casino Games

The HTML5 casino games that we have developed are compatible with all the existing media devices, including desktop computers, laptops, mobile smartphones, blackberry devices, smart TVs and tablets. The games will automatically resize in order to cover the full screen of the device, providing the best gaming experience.
The users will be able to play these games from any device that they own, by simply accessing the casino website in their browsers and opening the game. No extra programs must be downloaded to play the games.
For mobile gaming, we recommend Safari, Chrome or Firefox mobile browsers. For Desktop gaming, we recommend Chrome and Firefox.

A permanent internet connection is required to allow the games to communicate with the webserver, because the critical source code is located on the webserver, where all the important calculations take place, for security reasons.

The games that we sell are also compatible with our provably fair system.

All of our games represent more than just graphics. They use smart algorithms to generate profit on long term, they are compatible with our achievements feature to give rewards to users, with our bonus programs, they log all the data to be replayed/interpreted easily through the admin panel. Click here to read more.

IMPORTANT: All the code will be installed on your server. The PHP code will be partially encrypted and locked to 1 web domain of your choosing, to prevent unauthorized redistribution. The HTML5 code will also be obfuscated/encrypted (cannot be edited), unless you buy the HTML5 "Source Code" version. Contact us for HTML5 "Source Codes" prices!


Top Games

scratch3x3 90.99%RTP
Haunted Haystack Scratch-Off

Unleash your inner ghost hunter with Haunted Haystacks Scratch-Off – a hauntingly fun scratch card game. Scratch your way...

slot 96.22%RTP
Panther Shadow

Dive into the heart of intrigue and exploration with the Panther Shadow slot! Journey through a vibrant jungle bursting with...

scratch3x3 90.99%RTP
Caishen Divine Scratch Card

Introducing Caishen Divine Scratch Card, a captivating and visually stunning casino game that transports players into the...

crypto arcade 98.20%RTP
Limbo CyberWorld

Immerse yourself into the cyberworld with this amazing arcade title....

arcade 98.20%RTP
Stairs CyberWorld

Would YOU be brave enough to risk and climb further? Try to pass each level in this crazy journey. Avoid falling bombs and...

arcade 98.05%RTP
Dice CyberWorld

Dice CyberWorld is one of the first cryptocurrency games that appeared in\ online casinos. And today, thanks to simple rules...

tech arcade 95.00%RTP
CoinFlip - Heads or Tails

Flip the coin and bet on this extraordinary game called Heads or Tails. This arcade game has a scifi theme and it’s all...

tech arcade 99.02%RTP
Mines CyberWorld

In Mines, you’re presented with a grid of 5 by 5 squares. Your goal is to click on any of the tiles, but without hitting...

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scratch3x3 new 90.99% RTP STANDARD
arcade 26 Oct 2023

Haunted Haystack Scratch-Off

slot5rs new 96.22% RTP VIP
slot5rs 17 Oct 2023

Panther Shadow

scratch3x3 new 90.99% RTP STANDARD
arcade 14 Oct 2023

Caishen Divine Scratch Card

arcade 98.20% RTP VIP
crypto 01 Aug 2023

Limbo CyberWorld

arcade 98.20% RTP VIP
in-house 01 Jul 2023

Stairs CyberWorld

arcade 98.05% RTP VIP
in-house 01 Jul 2023

Dice CyberWorld

arcade 95.00% RTP PREMIUM
tech 01 Jun 2023

CoinFlip - Heads or Tails

arcade 99.02% RTP VIP
tech 06 Jun 2023

Mines CyberWorld

table 99.00% RTP ELITE
asian 05 Jul 2023

Baccarat 3D Dragon Edition

table 99.64% RTP ELITE
asian 20 Apr 2023

BlackJack-21 3D Dragon Edition

slot5rs 96.79% RTP ELITE
holdnwin 24 May 2023

Emperor Treasure Garden - Magical Hold and Win

slot5rs 96.12% RTP VIP
holdnwin 10 Jul 2023

Lucky Pirate Bounty

slot5rs 95.48% RTP ELITE
holdnwin 01 Mar 2023

Reels of Zeus - Godlike Hold and Win

slot5rs 95.54% RTP ELITE
holdnwin 08 Oct 2022

Buffalos Go Wild - Legendary Treasure Hold

slot5rs 97.79% RTP ELITE
bonusmode3 12 Aug 2022

Chinese Lucky Year

arcade 99.01% RTP VIP
in-house 01 Jun 2023


vidpoker 97.19% RTP VIP
medieval 08 Oct 2022

Kings of Cards Video Poker

arcade 89.76% RTP PREMIUM
asian 07 Jul 2022

Dragon Ball Bingo 90

arcade 97.22% RTP PREMIUM
asian 21 May 2019

Sic Bo Deluxe Dice

table 94.74% RTP VIP
roulette 07 Jul 2023

American Roulette 3D - Imperial Rose Edition


Custom Development

Custom Game

In a saturated marketplace, where every competing casino offers pretty much the same games, we provide the opportunity for you to get customised games, with the aim of delivering differentiated, tailor-made and exclusive content.

Upcoming Games

#ComingSoon Dec 2023 table

BlackJack 21 US 3D Dealer Deluxe

More info coming soon.

table Dec 2023
table Dec 2023
table Feb 2024
table Mar 2024

How To Use Our Games

You can use our games in the following ways:

most popular
Sweepstakes Casino - Double Bucket

Our games can have finite predefined prizes (usually we create pools of 10,000 prizes), with REVEAL feature and they can accept ENTRIES as play currency and can reward the player with USD($) in a separate wallet.

Social Casino - Single Bucket Sweepstakes

Players can buy Gold Coins packages and can receive Social Coins (SC) as bonus. The SC can have money value and players can wager SC and win SC, while using the sweepstakes predefined prizes logic.

Online Casino

Our games can be used in a traditional online casino, along with our casino software.

Crypto Casino

You can run an online Crypto Casino with any currency and our games can display that currency when being played, up to 5 characters.

Land Based Internet Cafe

You can use our games in a land based internet cafe and have cashiers to sell credits to the players.

Rent Games

You can pay a fixed monthly fee to use our games either via API (if you have a website), either with our casino software. Special terms and conditions apply. More info here.

RGS Game Provider

You can become a game provider and offer our games to other casinos, for a monthly fee or revenue share, via our RGS MultiOperator API. This requires to buy our games and we will set them up on your server.

Integrate Our Games Via API

If you already have a casino or a website that needs to run our games, then you can buy/rent our games and integrate them via our API.

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