CasinoWebScripts Offers Low Budget Bitcoin Casino Solution

6 February 2014

Taking into consideration that our clients have shown great interest in starting Bitcoin casinos during the past few months, we have decided to create a solution to meet their demands, and save them time and money. Like our customers, we know that it is important to invest in a business that will generate profit in a short amount in time. As the popularity of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is increasing daily, we learned that one of the best solutions for operators is a Bitcoin casino starter package . This package was created in order to contain a diversity of games that will appeal to any gambler out there. And, because we are aware of the fact that many entrepreneurs prefer to invest less money in a business before they see its outcome, we decided to offer this package at a special price of only 9,500 EUR (discounted from 15,000 EUR ).

Thus, the Bitcoin casino starter package will provide you with CasinoWebScripts’ Casino Management Software, 10 of our best games and BTC crypto-currency integration. The Casino Management Software contains all the required tools for any entrepreneur. It does not matter if you are experienced in the online casino industry or not, since our Casino Management Software is very easy to use and comes with a detailed guide. The software platform will help you configure your casino and manage it in an effortless manner. We also offer BTC crypto-currency integration, which will allow your customers to make instant deposits and withdrawals at your casino. With this feature, your bitcoin casino website will be able to almost run itself, the only thing remaining for you to do would be to promote your casino.

So with an investment worth less than 10,000 EUR you get to run a profitable and automated online business, without the stress of having to pay any monthly fees, and using the latest technology available.

Since Bitcoin is a crypto-currency that can be traded by any internet user, we included a series of games that are very diverse and popular among our customers. Thus, we included 10 attractive games that will help your business grow in a short amount of time. If you want to start a Bitcoin casino with our solution, you will find the following types of games in the package: two video poker card games, four of our popular slot games, an American roulette game and a Keno game, plus two easy-to-play scratch card games.

The top-notch slot games that you will see in your package are certainly going to be suitable for a wide range of players. The four slots that we offer you are: “ SuperHero Reels”, “ Fruit Fiesta”, “ The Lost Amulet” and “ Super Super Hot”. “SuperHero Reels” is an action-packed slot game whose reels tell the story of a city where fantastic superheroes always save the day. The slots reveal colored graphics, similar to a comic book, and a wide range of features, like a Superhero Expanding Wild, Freespins and a Pick Me Bonus. “Fruit Fiesta” is a mouth-watering slot game based on a classic fruit theme, which presents a multitude of features that differentiate it from any other similar slot. The appetizing graphics and original bonus round will keep players captivated and entertained.

“The Lost Amulet” is one of our slots that encourage players to discover the riches that lie inside this eye-catching game. Being a three reels slot, it can easily be played by gamblers who are not very experienced in online casino gaming. “Super Super Hot” is another fantastic three reels slot suitable for all types of players. Its graphics remind us of the traditional slots that are still played in glamorous casinos, and classic casino games will always be popular.

Our video poker games included in the Bitcoin casino starter package are “ Mystic Video Poker” and “ Pirate Video Poker”. We are aware of the fact that the popularity of video poker will not fade away any time soon. This is why we chose these two games, which are especially designed for players who are intrigued by mysterious legends and adventure-filled stories. 

The roulette game is a must-have in any online casino, and the “ American Roulette 3D” will entertain any player who visualizes himself in a Las Vegas casino. This game offers players the possibility to change the color of the game table, adjust the background sound, or zoom in the picture for a clearer view. Players who are not fully aware of the game’s rules can easily find information in the “Help” option.

The “ Keno 80” game that can be found in the Bitcoin casino starter package is similar to the original game that is played in bingo halls and casinos. Keno 80 is a classic game where gamblers have to pick up to ten numbers from a pool of eighty. In order to win, they have to guess the right numbers that the game selects. 

The two arcade scratch games that you will see in the package are “ Cleopatra Giveaway” and “ Money For Nothing”. Players who prefer to wager on simpler games will surely enjoy these two lottery-style internet scratch tickets. The main advantages of these two games are that they can be played by inexperienced players, or by players who want to win in a short amount of time.

More information on prices and how to start your Bitcoin casino with the Bitcoin casino starter package can be found here. As usual, we will not charge you any monthly fees. You can also add more games from our portfolio anytime you want.

6 February 2014

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