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Cheapest Bitcoin Casino Software Solution to start online casino

BitCoin Casino Software Solution to start online casino

CasinoWebScripts offers several time-limited and unique options to start your online casino using a certified and reliable system with Bitcoin (or any other cryptocurrency as payment method).
You can start your cryptocurrency casino in less than 24 hours and pay 0% monthly fees.
These are our current special deals dedicated to cryptocurrency based casinos:

1.Starter Crypto Package

Total value: 26,500€
Discount value: 35% = 9,275€
Final price:

17,000€ = $19,390

2.Moderate Crypto Package

Total value: 37,900€
Discount value: 35% = 13,265€
Final price:

24,500€ = $27,945

3.Ultra Crypto Package

Total value: 53,900€
Discount value: 35% = 18,865€
Final price:

35,000€ = $39,921

4.Full Mobile Crypto Package

Total value: 173,800€
Discount value: 30% = 52,140€
Final price:

121,660€ = $138,765


The games from these promotional packages cannot be replaced with other games from our catalogue, while maintaining the discounts!
You can add more casino games to your bitcoin/altcoin casino at any time in the future, by simply purchasing them from our website.

IMPORTANT: If you do not want all the games from these package, then we offer you the option to select your own games from our games catalogue, along with the Casino Software Lite Version, but the discount will be only 25% and your order value cannot exceed 30,000€ (before the discount is applied).

Start a profitable business that can run by itself, due to the instant deposits and withdrawals features, a tax-free business (cryptocurrencies are not subject to taxation). Unlike many other casino software providers, we do not charge you any monthly fees. All the profit will remain yours!
For more information and arguments why you should start a bitcoin casino, please refer to this article.

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