Gaming Software Providers for Online Casino

19 August 2012

Gaming software providers for online casinoThe foundation of any online casino is represented by its gaming software and its possibility to expand and provide new content for its players. During the time when the players enjoy the games from the online casino website, and affiliates are dealing with marketing and affiliate programs, the software plays the most important role, such as keeping everything up to date, making the connection between the casino game and the player account and crediting player account when player wins, managing player balances when a player makes a deposit or withdrawal and a lot more. That is why we advise you to get in touch with the best gaming software providers. A secure platform that is always improved and updated to latest standards will always prove to be the best choice. That is what we are doing every month. We optimize and improve our products and we create new titles and add them to our collection so that we can maintain the name as one of the top casino games providers.

What makes an online casino popular and profitable?

Providing new content, new casino games from provider, promotional offers and tournaments to your players represents the key to success. Choosing a casino software that lets you create prepaid codes to give for free every now and then to your most active players, or deposit bonus codes will prove to be a very helpful choice to maintain your business at the top and to attract new gamblers.

When choosing an online gaming software provider for your casino, you are actually making a much bigger choice, for example: you choose to collaborate with a company on a long term relationship and you trust the future of your casino into their hands. If they improve their platform and games, the user experience at your casino gets improved too. This is why we recommend you to analyse your options very well before taking a decision.

What else do I need besides a reliable casino software?

Besides a reliable casino software you will require a casino gambling license that is issued by the jurisdiction from your country. You can also opt for an offshore casino gambling license, such as Costa Rica, which can cost less money and require less paperwork than other jurisdictions.
The next step after obtaining your casino gambling license, would be to choose your casino games provider and to supply your casino with a minimum of 20 casino games, including popular titles such as 'Roulette', 'Blackjack', 'Keno', 'Slots' and 'Video Pokers'. An important fact in your decision should be the compatibility of the games with all the operating systems available. Most casino games are only compatible for Windows and require users to download and install additional programs to play.
The games offered by CasinoWebScripts come in instant-play format, meaning that once a player finds your casino, he can play the games in less than 10 seconds. If you have Facebook Login enabled, then the player will be registered automatically using his facebook profile, so he will save a lot of time with the registration, and after the games can be played instantly, as they do not require any additional programs to be downloaded in order to play. These being said, we consider to have the fastest solution available for any player to start enjoying his casino experience.
Another important aspect in choosing your casino games provider would be the price. Many casino games providers ask for monthly fees starting from 5% from your profit, with a minimum of 5,000-10,000 EUR, depending on the number of games supplied. In one year you will pay these providers over 100,000 EUR. With the same amount of money you can buy the complete casino solution from CasinoWebScripts and pay zero monthly fees after. You will have the huge advantage of using the games for as long as you want (over 10 years) and you will pay absolutely no taxes from your profit. Imagine how much you would pay to other casino games providers if you would choose a monthly fee based contract.

Casino Web Scripts - one of the most reliable gaming software providers!

19 August 2012

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