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8 December 2012

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Almost every operator who is looking to open an online gaming business starts with the decision to buy slot games for online casino. Ever since the invention of slot machines, these easy-to-play gambling games have gained popularity all around the world. The versatility, diversity and the fun factor of these games are elements which make slots so demanded by players.

As you might already know, online slots are casino games which have been recreated after the traditional slot or “fruit” machines – casino gambling machines with reels made of different symbols, including numbers, characters, and, lately, complex animations and videos. Slot games have evolved dramatically during the past years, especially since players are looking for games that keep on getting more exciting, with several features, smooth sound effects and interesting animations.

Whenever a bet is placed by the player, the reels start spinning. After they stop, a configuration of symbols that appears on each payline will determine whether the player has won or not. Modern slots usually come with interesting features, such as freespins, exciting bonuses, gamble mode, or jackpot. The variety of these features is practically infinite – each game has its own additional features, with different themes and unique designs.

Slot games are appealing to both new and experienced players, thanks to a few key advantages:

  • Affordability – flexible stakes
  • Diverse themes
  • No casino skills required
  • Great bonuses and rewards
  • Slot tournaments available
  • Variety of reels and lines

Real money vs free slots

If you’re looking to buy slot games for online casino or for another type of online gaming site, you can choose to offer games that can be played for real money or for free. The idea behind providing slots that can be played for free relies on the fact that you can easily attract players without having them risk anything.

They can get accustomed to playing your games without spending any money. Once they get the hang of your games, they can switch to the real money version. When you buy online slot games for your casino from CasinoWebScripts, your online slots will run with both real money and fun money (usually credits which don’t have any real value).

Bitcoin slots or real money slots

The Bitcoin craze has left its mark on the online casino market. Using Bitcoin for your online casino is one of the most profitable cryptocurrency investments, since you can open a gaming business without obtaining a gambling license from a licensing authority. CasinoWebScripts’ online slots can be used with both Bitcoin and real money. We can also integrate any type of digital currency with our online casino slots. If you have developed a new cryptocurrency and you’re looking to promote it via your online casino, we can make it happen.

With or without source code?

Our company offers a unique solution which allows you to purchase our games with or without source codes. The prices vary due to the fact that if you buy our games with source codes, you can make modifications to the code upon purchasing them. By owning the source codes of our games, you can modify any features, game functions, sound effects and graphics.

If you’re looking to purchase our games without source codes, you will still be able to use our slot games in any way you like, but you won’t get the chance to make any modifications. Even so, our games can be customized upon request, so you can have a unique game that won’t be found anywhere else.

Understanding slot features

Operators are looking to buy slot games for online casinos with a wide range of additional features. The more features the game has, the more it will attract players. Besides great quality graphics and appealing sound effects, additional features are the most important aspect to look for when you buy online slot games.

Gamble feature

gamble featureOne of the most common additional features that you can find while playing slot games. Players get to choose to gamble any of their winnings when they get a payout. They exit this feature anytime or continue playing for a set number of times, but if they lose, all the winnings from that hand are lost. The most common type of gamble feature implies picking a red or black card. If the color of the card is guessed correctly, winnings are doubled.


freespins featureAnother popular feature present in our slot games is the freespin feature. Once 3 scatter symbols appear on the reels, players can receive a certain number of freespins. During freespins mode, winnings are usually multiplied by 3, while no credits will be consumed. The freespins feature presented above can be found in Country Cash 2 mobile video slot game.

Expanding Wild

expanding wild featureThis feature, shown in Street Runners: The Burnout mobile video slot is usually triggered when 2 wild symbols appear on the same reel in normal mode. The wild symbol becomes animated and expands to form additional winning lines.


bonus featureOne of the most interesting and exciting features of any slot game is the bonus. A bonus game is unlocked by a set of symbols which must appear on the reels, which are usually marked with the word “bonus”. Some of the most popular bonus games include picking different symbols on the screen or spinning wheels of fortune. Some bonuses also include a skill element, while others are random. In Bee Party, the bonus shows a bear which must pick the right honey hive to win credits or freespins.


jackpot featureProgressive jackpots grow incrementally as players place bets while playing slots. A small percentage of each bet goes to the jackpot pool, and players who are lucky enough to get scatter symbols on all reels will win the jackpot. Some slot games, such as Secret Agent mobile video slot, offer several jackpots – mini, major or mega jackpots.

Types of online casino slots

2D vs 3D

2d vs 3dCasinoWebScripts offers both 2D and 3D slots. 3D slot games sometimes require better devices to run smoothly, but usually offer a more complex and engaging experience. These games feature realistic-looking characters, game elements and effects that are made in 3D.  On the other hand, 2D slots are still very popular due to the interesting, cartoon-like animations, which appeal to players who are looking for the classic slot game experience.

By number of reels

Slot games can become more and more complex with the addition of reels. Slot games can range from 3-reel slots to 9-reel slots. 3-reel slots are perfect for beginners, but experienced players can also enjoy these easy-to-play games.

Then come the 5-reel slots, which are the some of the most popular casino games. You’ll find all kinds of 5-reel slot games developed by casino software providers, with different themes and interesting features. CasinoWebScripts also offers 7-reel and 9-reel games. These slots are more complex, with multiple possible combinations. They’re more challenging and recommended for experts.

Classic vs modern

classic vs modern slotsWhen you buy slot games for online casino, think about what your targeted players would like to play. The younger generation is looking for games which feature modern characters and themes, usually with a storyline. Players from the new generation seek to play games which present a story – they don’t just want to spin some reels. Bonuses, freespins, and many other additional features with improved graphics and even short videos are now the key elements to attract this category of players.

Classic slot games are mainly preferred by the generation which grew up with slot machines which can be found in land-based casinos. Some of the most well-received slots are the ones which feature fruit symbols, just like the real slot machines do. We’ve noticed that some of our most requested games include slots with symbols such as fruits, lucky sevens, stars or jokers. Add some retro sound effects and great-quality graphics, and you’ll reach players of all types.  

Most popular casino slot themes

When you decide to buy slot games for online casino, one of the most important choices to make is choosing the right games for your targeted clients. People from different countries come from diverse cultures and prefer certain types of casino games. Since the early days of CasinoWebScripts, we wanted to create games that can reach players from all around the world. Among our most requested titles, you’ll find games with the following themes:

  • Asian culture
  • Las Vegas
  • Holidays: Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Halloween
  • Ancient worlds: Egypt, Greece, Maya, Aztecs, Vikings
  • Pirates
  • Racing
  • Fruits
  • Animals

In our opinion, choosing the correct bundle of games for your online casino is a key step that will bring success. Think about creating a mix of classic and modern slots, with diverse themes and number of reels. For a small casino, we recommend having at least 3 classic-themed slots. The rest depends on your own budget and preferences.

Discounted slot packages

If you’re looking to buy slot games for your online casino, we can offer great discounts for large game packages. In our online slot games store you can find all information about how these games work, what you can use them for, and detailed prices for each game. Keep in mind that you can get discounts of up to 50% when you decide to buy a large bundle of slot games for your online casino.

During our past years of activity, we’ve created slot games of all types, suitable for players from all around the world. You have the option to buy any game you like, without having to pay any monthly fees afterwards. Our company adds new slot games to the collection every month.

CasinoWebScripts.com is game development company that delivers new gaming content every month. Specialised in creating different types of casino slot games, we have not neglected the development of other casino specific games like blackjack, texas holdem, video pokers, scratch games, casino arcade games. These types of games are available in our online store.

In the past 8 years, CasinoWebScripts.com has developed over 80 casino slot games, featuring some very popular titles like "Country Cash 2" (5 Reels Video Slot), "Return To Treasure Island" (7 Reels Video Slot), "777 Slot" ( 5 Reels Video Slot), "Archer Of Slotwood" (5 Reels 3D Video Slot), "Super Super Hot" (3 Reels Video Slot), "WANTED" (1 Reel Multispin Video Slot). All these games feature attractive graphics, animated symbols when the player wins, freespins feature, progressive jackpot, and some of them even have a special bonus game.

If you’re interested in our discounted casino package or you’re looking to buy slot games for online casino, please contact us.

8 December 2012

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