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How to Choose a Unique Casino Name That Reaches Players Directly

How to choose your casino unique brand name Picking a name for starting your online casino is a task that does not seem difficult, but it can influence the success of your casino in a significant manner. The first and maybe most important thing is choosing a unique casino name and domain name that can easily be found on search engines, like Google or Bing.

Our gaming insiders recommend that you should choose a neutral casino and domain name, so that people can easily find you when they search for your business name. Many operators might believe that if they choose a popular and easy-to-remember domain, their casino customers will come and play right away. For example, if you want to start an online Bitcoin casino, you could be tempted to use a domain name such as “bitcoincasino123.com”. This seems pretty simple for players to find, right? But if you decide to choose such a name, popular sites that are already leading the search engines and use the words “bitcoin casino” in their content, will make you unnoticeable.

For example, if an extremely popular news site, like Bloomberg, has a lot of articles that contain the keyword “bitcoin casino”, it will automatically be ranked higher than you. Thus, if there are several popular sites that use these keywords, customers might not even see you on the first Google page. This happens because Google and other search engines mostly promote popular sites that are already filled with top-quality content. Statistically, people usually browse the first page that appears on Google when they search for something, so if you appear on the second page, they might never notice you. This is why we recommend that you choose an original name for your casino. If you would like to start an online Bitcoin casino, you could choose a name such as “felizbitcasino.com”, or any other unique name that will differentiate it from any other online gaming site or popular business.

Another aspect you might like to keep in mind is that you have to decide in which language you will start your casino. If you expect that your customers will come from several countries around the world, a good idea would be to choose the words for your domain in English, a language that still dominates the internet. If you want to open a casino that will be available in a country (or several countries) that speaks a certain language, the best idea would be to select a domain name that contains words from that country’s language.

On the other hand, if you are not content with your casino name after your business starts running, you have the option to change it. Our gaming insiders do not recommend that, since you will have to warn your current users about the change. Many people do not like changes, and a name change for your casino could make players trust you less and wonder why you resorted to this solution. Also, if you change your domain name, you will almost have to start over again with your search engine optimization. It could take a long time for search engines to rebuild search results from the old domain to your new one. So, in order to not lose traffic and some customers, it’s important to concentrate from the beginning on choosing a casino name that you like and will appeal to your customers.



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