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How to start your online casino website today

Guide about how to start your online casino website now

Using our products, you get the opportunity to start your online casino website in 24 hours, without having to pay any monthly fees (you get to keep 100% of your revenue).
Technical support is included, free of charge, for lifetime (some conditions apply).
All the files will be installed on your server and there will be no dependancy towards our servers.

Supported casino currencies: any real money currency, bitcoin or other cryptocurrency that you want (we support over 100 cryptocurrencies).

Getting started is simple and it can be done in just a few minutes by following the next steps:

Step 1 Selecting your software

Go to our casino software page and "add to cart" the casino software version that you prefer. This is the backbone of the casino and it is required to manage and run your casino. It can be used with as many games as you want, and you only have to pay for it once. It includes the casino lobby for the users to register, login, make deposits, see statistics and play the games, as well as a very detailed administrator panel with very many statistics and features to help you manage the casino. The casino software is GLI-19 certified. For demo access, click here.
Price starts at 8000.00 EURO, no games included.

Step 2 Selecting your games

Go to our casino games page or to our promotional games package page and choose the games that you want to have on your website. Each game has a live demo for you to test before purchasing.
You can buy more casino games at any time after you start your online casino. You can also buy the games as Copyright-CWS, and then upgrade to No-Copyright or Source Code version, by paying the price difference between the two versions, plus a 50 EUR fee/game for removing the copyright if you upgraded from Copyright-CWS version.
For bitcoin casinos, only the No-Copyright version of the games is available.
Price for 1 game starts at 700 EURO (flash games) and 900 EURO (mobile games)

Step 3 Placing your order

Click the cart button on top right of the screen, SAVE your package and then reply to the email that was sent to your inbox.

Step 4 Finalizing terms

You will be contacted by us in a few hours to discuss the final details and you will be sent a business contract that will require your signature in order to finalise the order.
We will also need to know the web domain of your casino, since the software license for the products covers only 1 casino website.

Step 5 Sending the payment

Once the contract is signed, we will send you the invoice and details for the payment. We accept payment via wire bank transfer or bitcoins. After we will receive the payment, you will receive the software, along with the documentation and the games. Free installation is included. If you do not wish to grant us login access to your webserver, then we can provide you with installation instructions so that you can do the installation yourself or we can do a remote installation through TeamViewer.

Step 6 Getting a webserver

In order to do the installation and to run your casino website, you will need to have a web server and a web domain. You can rent one for around 60 EUR per month from any web hosting companies. Our recommandations are to choose a VDS Package that costs around 60-80 EUR per month from a hosting company and upgrade the hardware when your casino starts to have a larger number of players. Recommended web hosting companies are: EuroVPS, Vidahost.com, iWeb.com, etc.
The most important aspect that you need to consider when choosing a web hosting provider is represented by their response time. A reliable company should be able to respond to any enquiry in less than 1 hour and solve any ticket ASAP.
The server requirements can be found here.

Step 7 Customising the casino

We offer 4 hours of free customizations to the casino website, with the purchase of the Casino Software Premium version. This includes modifying texts, colors, images and making your casino unique, based on your instruction.
If you did not purchase this version, we can still do modifications to your casino, for an extra cost. The price varies a lot depending on the amount of work involved. For example, if you have a new design that you want us to implement, the price will start at 1000 EURO. If you want us to replace some images and modify some colors, the price will be less than 50 EURO.

Many of the modifications can be done by yourself, through the backend, by checking the documentation and the Web Template Map feature.

Step 8 Obtaining a license

In some countries, for BitCoin casinos no gambling license is required. You can read more here.
If you run a real money casino and you don't have a gambling license, the next step would be to get in touch with a licensing jurisdiction, which can be located within your country (or offshore) and obtain a gambling license for your online casino.
You can read more about licensing here.
Price starts at 5000$/year for a gambling license. You can contact www.fastoffshore.com or Slogold for more details.
Please note that we do not offer any services related to obtaining gambling license and our articles are purely informative on this topic.

Step 9 Promoting your casino

After starting your casino, the last but most important step is represented by a successful marketing campaign. Our guide about marketing your online casino can be an effective tool for the popularity of your casino.
You can subscribe to our newsletter and you will receive a free copy of our eBook - "The Online Casino Operator's Guide". If you are already subscribed, you can email us to receive a free copy of this ebook.
We hope the information from this article answers your question about how to start an online casino website.

You can also check this video guide for placing an order:

You can read more valuable information about how to start an online casino, by clicking here. An important aspect is to be able to make your casino to differentiate itself from the crowded online gaming environment.

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