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How to Start an Online Casino in Belgium According to Local Gambling Laws

Belgium gambling license Operators who are interested in finding out how to obtain an online gambling license in Belgium might like to know that this lucrative market boasts a long history of gaming and betting. According to the 2011 Gambling Act, all kinds of gambling activities, including online casinos, are currently permitted in Belgium. Despite the fact that the European country has a population of 10 million individuals, thousands of people play gambling games in Belgium each month.

The online gambling industry is highly supervised by the Belgian Gambling Commission (BGC), which issues gambling licenses for operators looking to start an online casino business in the country. The tax rate for online gaming operations in Belgium is currently set at 11 percent and applies to the gross gaming product (the gross amount of money involved in gaming operations, reduced by the amount of earnings distributed to players). 

When it comes to discovering how to obtain an online gambling license from the BGC, the most important criteria is that applicants must have a land-based gambling license, or be in partnership with a land-based gambling firm.  The BGC has put a cap on the number of internet gaming licenses that may be issued.  There are three kinds of online casino licenses: A+ with a license deposit of €250,000, for online casinos, B+ with a license deposit of €75,000 for gaming arcades, and F+ for wagers. Since the number of licenses is limited, there are only 9 A+ licenses that will be issued, 180 B+ licenses and 34 F1+ licenses.

It is mandatory for the online casino operator to be in connection with an offline casino company. A land-based casino company in Belgium must also hold an A, B or F1 license issued by the BGC.

The 2011 Gambling Act has been amended in order to add measures of executive nature to the legislation. The Belgian government has issued two Royal decrees that impose additional conditions on the license holder.

Through the first Royal decree, the operator who wants to know how to obtain an online gambling license and apply for opening a gaming site must deliver a plan that should contain several aspects regarding the casino. The plan should reveal the place from where the online casino would be run and administered, the name and structure of the website, and the name and contact information of the party responsible for the administration of the casino.

The second Royal decree imposes the operator to reveal information about the security of payment transactions between the online casino and the players, creditworthiness, proposed solutions for individuals or groups who experience gambling addiction problems, fiscal obligations and marketing policy. The Royal decree also states that the operator who seeks to open an online gambling business must allow permanent connection between the BGC and the online casino.

Entrepreneurs who want to know how to obtain an online gambling license in Belgium should take into consideration that it is extremely important to obtain a license under a.BE domain. Thus, an operator must relocate the casino’s servers to a permanent establishment in Belgium.  Any operator who is not licensed with the BGC and offers online gambling services to Belgium players will be blacklisted and could even face fines of up to €100,000.

The Belgium gambling law is known for its transparency and compliance with the European law. Online operators who seek to know how to obtain an online gambling license and start an internet casino could successfully cater to the gaming enthusiasts who bet big at online casinos in Belgium.

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