How to Start an Online Casino Part 2

11 September 2014

Operators who want to find out how to start an online casino most surely know that internet gaming sites have become some of the most profitable business solutions out there. Online casinos usually generate significant revenue for the one who runs it. More than that, an internet gaming site is easy to maintain and can be modified or updated at any time.
CasinoWebScripts understands that operators are looking for innovative solutions and original games that would be appreciated by their customers. More than that, in order to run a top-notch internet gaming site, operators can follow a series of steps that would cover all the aspects of starting an online casino. Like so, some of the most popular features that casino operators have shown interest in when buying casino software are:

  • The reputation and experience of the casino software developer that provides the software;
  • Advantageous quality-price ratio;
  • Low fees for using the casino games provided;
  • The number and diversity of games that the developer offers;
  • The security of the payment gateway that the software developer can implement;
  • The quality and speed of the server, which should have enough memory to support multiple users at once;
  • Attractive layout, sound and video game effects;
  • The diversity of payment methods, including crypto-currency (such as Bitcoin) payments;
  • Customization for the already-existing casino games;
  • The possibility to create a new game according to the operator’s preferences.

How to start an online casino in 2014

According to CasinoWebScripts reviews, our company has managed to respond to its customers’ requests and developed complete casino software solutions for operators who are interested in how to start an online casino. There are a few steps that you need to follow in order to have your casino up-and-running. Getting started is really simple, and our online casino software providers will guide you through every step along the way.

  • Budgeting

Before starting an online casino, you must consider all the expenses that will appear when you decide to open and run your business. It is important to develop a business plan with a detailed situation of all the costs that will arise. These costs are different depending on whether you open a real-money casino or a Bitcoin (or other digital currency) casino.

  • Real-money online casino costs:
  • License expenses
  • Software and casino games set-up
  • Games and software support
  • Staff hiring
  • Marketing
  • Additional updates and games modifications
  • Bitcoin casino costs:
  • Software and casino games set-up
  • Bitcoin payment system integration
  • Games and software support
  • Staff hiring
  • Marketing
  • Additional updates and games modification

When you create this business plan, you have to consider a certain percentage for all these steps you have to take. We cannot suggest how much you should invest in software and games, but we would like to add that marketing is very important, and you should consider saving at least 30% of your budget for advertising your business.

  • Legal aspects

When learning how to start an online casino, you will find out that you will be required to obtain a gambling license if you wish to run a real-money casino. If you do not want to run your operations in your country, you can license your casino offshore. It is up to you to decide where you want to start an online casino business, but it is important to check out the advantages and disadvantages of several jurisdictions. For example, some of the best gambling licenses are provided by the United Kingdom and Philippines.
If you do not want to open a real-money casino and obtain a gambling license, you have the possibility to open a crypto-currency casino, with Bitcoin, Litecoin or any other digital currency you prefer. Our company offers special packages for operators who want to start Bitcoin casinos. You will have a lot of advantages when you open a Bitcoin gambling site, but the best of them all is that you will save a lot of money from not having to obtain a license. Gambling is, by definition, the activity of playing casino games for money. If someone plays at a Bitcoin casino, they are not actually gambling, because no real money is involved.
Operators who want to find out how to start an online casino should also know that they can use both real-money payments and Bitcoin payments. This way, you will be advantaged by the fact that any kind of gambler can play at your online casino, no matter which payment method he prefers.
After you decide what kind of payment method you want to use while starting your online casino business, you must register with a company that will allow you to make online transactions. In order to receive and send money online, it is recommended to use an online payment system.
Some of the most well-known payment systems in the online gambling world are SKRILL, Neteller or Clickandbuy. For those who prefer Bitcoin payments, CoinBase is one of the best digital wallets that allow you to accept, use and buy Bitcoins. In order to use any of these online payment systems, you have to register for an account that would allow you to make gambling transactions.

  • Purchase casino management platform and casino games

Any entrepreneur who opens a business likes to have control over his operations. In order to do so, when you learn how to start an online casino, you have to buy a casino management software platform. It is important to evaluate the market and find out which online casino software provider offers the best management software platform and good quality casino games. The online casino software needs to provide all the needed tools that allow you to manage your online casino in a facile manner. Some of the top features that operators should look for while purchasing online casino software are:

  • Security - when you start an online casino, you have to make sure that the software management platform cannot be accessed by anyone. This is why you have to inform yourself about certain security features, such as:
  • Denial of foreign IPs from accessing the website
  • Certification of all web and server vulnerabilities
  • Backoffice database backup
  • Prevention of multiple user login from the same account
  • Secure database for password storage
  • Allow only legal age players to register
  • Flexibility - in order to customize your games, the administrator management platform must allow you to modify some of their features, like so:
  • Setting custom payout rate for casino games, exactly like land-based casinos do
  • Set “hit frequency” percentage, in order for players to be rewarded with either small and frequent wins of big and less often wins
  • Adjust game features like: game name, table color, spin duration, paytable values, number of freespins, etc.
  • Monitor games and find out which ones were accessed the most


  • Accessibility - in order to properly take advantage of a casino management platform, it must be easy-to-use, so that you can control all the activity that takes place at your online casino. The main features that make the platform practical are:
  • A player management system that allows you to overlook and manage all player data
  • A large range of statistics, which will help you manage your games better and see which ones are preferred by players
  • Lifetime support provided by the online casino software provider
  • Regular software and game updates offered by the developer

The next step when learning how to start an online casino is buying the games that your customers will enjoy. This depends on your own tastes and preferences. It is not necessary to buy hundreds of games in order to attract online casino players. Some operators have started online gambling sites with just one or a few games and managed to become extremely popular.
A good example would be SatoshiDice, which is a leader in the Bitcoin gaming world and only offers one game. You can also start an online gaming site with a game of your choice that can be played with Bitcoins. This way, you wouldn’t have to spend a lot of money on obtaining a gaming license, and only one game could have huge success among gaming enthusiasts.

  • Customization

Operators who are interested in how to start an online casino might want to offer games especially designed in accordance with their own ideas. There are not many online casino software providers that can develop new games for their clients. Usually, gaming development companies offer a set of casino games which can be rented or bought by casino operators. If you want a new, customized game in accordance with your own needs and requirements, our company will be pleased to help you by creating any game that you think your customers will like.

  • Launch your online casino

The launch time for an online casino is different depending on your requirements. If you already own an online gaming license, you have created an account with a payment system provider and chosen your preferred casino games, our company can set up your casino in approximately 1 day.
The time frame would be longer if you want a customized game or a special web site design, but if you present us your ideas, we can help you start your online casino as soon as possible. You must take into account that if you do not own a gambling license, it would probably take up from 1 to 3 months to obtain it. More than that, you should take into consideration that signing up for a payment merchant account could take up to 1 week or less.
If you do not want to start an online casino business with a gaming license, it would take even a shorter amount of time for you to have your casino up-and-running, because you would no longer have to wait for all the documents that are necessary for obtaining a gambling license. If you want to start a Bitcoin casino, you must only create a Bitcoin payment account on a site like CoinBase, in order to accept Bitcoin transactions at your online casino. After you have completed this step, you have to choose your casino games and let us do all the work, which will be completed in the shortest amount of time.

  • Marketing

In order for people to see that you have launched an online gaming site, you have to use several marketing tools and techniques so that casino enthusiasts can notice you. It is true that it is best to hire an online marketing company to advertise your casino, but you can also contribute to marketing your casino by knowing the basics of promoting an online gaming business.

  • Social marketing

Nowadays, almost everyone who uses the internet has signed up for at least one account on social media sites. As you already know, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter have gained a lot of popularity among internet users from all around the world. When you learn how to start an online casino, you will notice that any successful business posts content on at least one of these popular social media platforms.
By posting new content about bonuses that you intend to offer, new games or other promotions, you will attract an impressive number of customers. Don’t forget to post pictures and short videos of your games, so players can get a glimpse of what they can expect while playing at your online casino.

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is one of the best methods that you can use to make your casino visible for your clients. SEO is actually a process that affects the visibility of your online casino in a search engine’s (Google) organic (un-paid) search results. If you want to get results by using this method, you have to follow two main steps:

  • Create content that uses keywords or key phrases used by potential customers that search for your casino games. Examples of such phrases would be: “play roulette game”, “play online slot games”, “online casino games”.
  • Build links to your pages from quality relevant resources
  • Email marketing

When you start having customers, you have to keep them informed about the new promotions, bonuses and casino game updates that you offer. You can easily keep in touch with your customers by sending them regular emails with such information. You can also reward your clients by sending emails with special bonuses on special occasions, like their birthdays.

  • External banners

Surely you have noticed the banners with promotions and bonuses offered by online casinos on sites that host gambling content. Posting information about your casino on such sites is one of the best marketing techniques, because you will clearly reach the right audience, which means that gaming enthusiasts will notice you easier.

  • Be there for your customers

After you find out how to start an online casino, you have to establish an efficient customer support service, in order to be there for your clients every time they encounter problems. If you have a 24 hour call center that players can access at any time, you will gain a lot of credibility and your customers will surely come back. You should also consider offering detailed information about how your games should be played, so that anyone can easily understand the rules of any game you provide.

11 September 2014

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