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    News Blog Illinois and California Prepare for New Online Casino Bill Proposals

Illinois and California Prepare for New Online Casino Bill Proposals

Operators Looking to Create an Online Casino in the US Could Have More Chances at It This Year

During the last few years, American states’ regulators have been constantly debating whether online casinos are good for the economy and the residents or not. Despite the fact that Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware have decided to legalize the internet gambling industry, no other states have managed to pass a gambling bill in the past few months. For example, Mississippi’s gambling bill that was brought forward on February 11 to the state’s regulators was not passed.

On the other hand, Illinois gaming enthusiasts and operators who want to create an online casino in the US are hoping that internet gambling will become available sometimes in the near future. Local media reported that Representative Rob Rita has already started to submit a new legislation that will not only allow the development of land-based casinos, but will also introduce internet gambling in the state. Fortunately for Illinois individuals who want to gamble in the state, the bill would also authorize five new gambling establishments. In addition, slot machines would be accepted in Illinois’ racetracks.    

California is the American state that will probably have internet casinos sooner than expected. Operators who seek to create an online casino in the US might like to know that the Pechanga Band of Luiseño Indians is starting to get a lot of support from seven other state tribes and lawmakers. The proposed bill would contain a series of clauses which are less harsh than the ones in the bill proposed last year. Thus, if online gambling will be legalized in this region, a onetime license fee of $5 million would be solicited from online gaming operators. Furthermore, online casino entrepreneurs would have to pay a 5 percent tax on revenues. The former proposed bill requested a 10 percent tax on revenues, which means that the new bill would be more favorable for operators. Entrepreneurs who wish to apply for a license have to be tribes or own a licensed card room that has been running for a minimum of five years.

Despite the fact that there are few possibilities for operators who seek to create online casino in the US at this point in time, US regulators seem to start opening up to the internet gaming industry. Gaming enthusiasts are getting their hopes up, and various American states will surely make huge progresses in 2014.


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