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Online Sportsbook Sports Betting Software | CasinoWebScripts

The online gaming industry is full of opportunities for operators who are looking to start an online gaming site using the latest technological innovations. Products are evolving with each day that passes, and consumers are looking for new ways of entertainment. An online sportsbook software is a valuable add-on to any online casino operator, especially if it lets you keep 100% of your profit, like our products do.

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Here at CasinoWebScripts, we now provide online sportsbook software for sale for any operator who is interested in offering customers the possibility of placing wagers in sporting events. Since now it’s much easier to place such bets online than at a bookmaking shop, an online sports betting software is the best solution for operators who are interested in providing services for all players who like to bet on the outcome of sporting events.

It’s fairly easy for any player to take advantage of an online sportsbook by learning a set of very simple rules. The online bookie accepts bets from sports bettors, most of the bets being on a team or an individual that is expected to win during a specific sporting event. CasinoWebScripts’ online sportsbook currently handles soccer events, but players will have the possibility to place bets on tennis events and more, in the nearby future.

The sports betting software contains two parts:

  • Backend is the administration tool which allows you to fully manage your sportsbook. At CasinoWebScripts, the sportsbook backend software represents an add-on for the Casino Management Platform ;
  • Frontend is the part seen by players, namely the user interface, where all the possible bets are displayed. The frontend is easy to navigate and convenient for any newbie player or for experienced bettors.

When you decide on an online sportsbook software for sale, it’s important to pay attention to the functionality and security systems provided by the gaming vendor. The backend part is the backbone of the entire sportsbook system, so the quality of the software is essential.

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Main features of a top-quality sportsbook software:

  • A top-notch security system that prevents hacking attempts;
  • Real-time updates without page reloads;
  • Tools that allow great customer support;
  • Modern graphics and easy navigation;
  • Compatibility with mobile and desktop devices for easy access to accounts from any location, at any time;
  • Tools that allows the operator to view all information regarding bets and activity inside the sportsbook backend;
  • Wide range of sports bets with ready-made data feeds.

Sports betting with Bitcoin

Operators can choose to build a successful sports betting business with any altcoin of their choice, including Bitcoin. A Bitcoin sportsbook allows players to place bets on the results of sporting events using cryptocurrency betting options. By using altcoins instead of real money, players have the possibility to deposit and withdraw money with minimum or zero fees and bet anonymously.

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Use CasinoWebScripts’ online sports betting software

If you decide to purchase our sportsbook software, it’s time to start your business and start growing as soon as possible. Our customer support team is here to assist you in developing an online gaming business that provides all the necessary tools to make your customers’ experience pleasant and entertaining.

You can access our live demo anytime to see if the sports betting software provided by our company meets your expectations. For more information, please use our contact page or find us on Skype @casinowebscripts, and we will gladly assist you in materializing your business idea.

Prices for sports betting

For more details and prices about our sportsbook solution, please access this link. Our product comes with no monthly royalties from your profit.


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