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Top Games for Sale on Black Friday at CasinoWebScripts

Even though Black Friday was born in the United States as the day following Thanksgiving Day, companies from different parts of the world started offering great promotions during this time of year. Countries like Canada, Mexico, India or the United Kingdom have embraced this tradition and people start saving money long before this day, in order to take advantage of purchasing items at smaller prices.

We have prepared a set of premium casino games with discounts as large as 35% for this year’s Black Friday, including some of our top slot games, video poker, roulette, scratch cards and more. Operators who are looking to buy casino games can take advantage of our great promotions that will be available until Friday night. Here are some of the most popular casino games that we have on sale:

A Christmas Slot – 35% discount

A Christmas Slot Players will get in the holiday mood with this enchanting 5-reel slot which brings joy to all those who play it. When you open this game, you will be welcomed by Santa Claus, a smiling snowman, Christmas trees and jingle bells.

Operators who buy casino games will discover that A Christmas Slot is packed with features that include an expanding wild, jackpot and freespins. One of the most interesting feature of this game is, no doubt, the bonus, where players will get to enter a room with a decorated Christmas tree and choose the presents that they think will bring them the biggest prizes.

Perfect for the upcoming holiday season, this game is preferred by all those who love Christmas and want to celebrate it at maximum.

Ju Jungle Monkey Kingdom – 30% discount

Ju Jungle Operators looking to buy casino games will get a discount of 30% on this amazing 5-reel slot game which presents the story of the jungle and all its inhabitants, including monkeys, snakes, parrots and more. The monkeys are definitely the ones that rule the jungle kingdom, and players will get a lot of surprises when they encounter these creatures.

Ju Jungle Monkey Kingdom is an extra-fun game, with nicely-designed graphics and a cheerful theme song. All the symbols of this game are vividly animated, and players will be pleasantly surprised by the wide variety of features. Freespins and jackpot wins are part of the game, but the two bonus rounds are the cherry on the cake.

When the Jungle Bonus is triggered, players will get to see the monkey leader searching for its precious bananas, while the Treasure Bonus will make players choose the monkey they like the most and see if it will offer the right prizes.  

Royal Flush Gangsters – 25% discount

A Royal Flush Gangsters classic video poker game with a twist, Royal Flush Gangsters reminds us of the Mafia movies, where danger and adventure always take over. There is no need to encounter real danger in this game, just great winnings and a lot of fun.Operators who buy casino games will discover that Royal Flush Gangsters is a nice variation to traditional video poker, the theme song and background making it perfect for all players who enjoy a little thrill.

Mini Roulette 12 – 20% discount

The Mini Roulette ga Mini Roulette me is similar to other, more well-known roulette games, such as the European roulette. Operators looking to buy casino games should know that the difference between the Mini Roulette game and other roulette games is the way in which zero results are handled. If players made a bet that does not cover the zero, and the ball lands on the zero on that spin, players lose only half of their bets.

With this game, you can add a little diversity to your online casino and offer players the chance to discover new variations to the traditional roulette game. Mini Roulette 12 will catch the eye of any casino enthusiasts, thanks to its state-of-the-art graphics and smooth sound effects.

Sic Bo Deluxe Single Player – 20% discount

Sic Bo Sic Bo Deluxe has become a worldwide-renowned casino game since Chinese immigrants brought it to the US. Nowadays, we can see gaming enthusiasts playing Sic Bo at top casinos around the world, as well as at online casinos. Operators looking to buy casino games who are not accustomed with this game should know that this dice game involves placing a bet on a certain combination which should be matched only after the dices have been rolled. CasinoWebScripts has developed this game with a traditional Chinese background and sound effects which remind us of the place where this game was born, namely China.

These are just some of the casino games that we are offering on sale until Friday night, when our Black Friday promotion ends. You can find all the discounted games in our casino hot deals page.


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