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27 June 2015

Animal-themed slots are currently some of the most appreciated casino-style games on a worldwide level. These games are fun to look at, and operators who buy online casino games have a wide variety of options when it comes to choosing the best games for their casino. CasinoWebScripts offers an interesting collection of animal-themed slots, for both mobile and desktop operations.

If you are looking to buy online casino games, you might want to know that animal-themed slots have proved to appeal to the majority of online casino users. Farm-themed applications have managed to become some of the most popular games worldwide, especially due to the fact that they are suitable for both men and women. Just think about the farm-themed games that had huge success among Facebook users. Animal-themed slots will not go out of style anytime soon, and we are confident to say that these are a great choice when you decide to buy online casino games for your gaming site. Now, check out what CasinoWebScripts’ most popular animal-themed games have to offer. Animal themed slots


Ju Jungle Monkey Kingdom

The funny monkeys are here to offer great winnings to whomever crosses their path. This premium 5 reel slot is loaded with surprises, and players will get the chance to discover a lot of interesting features while enjoying this exciting slot game. You will have to pass by rhinos, snakes and piranhas to discover the treasure of the monkeys.

More than that, the cute chameleon will keep you company all the way. The WILD feature of Ju Jungle reveals an active volcano that unveils great prizes. Operators who buy online casino games will find out that if you decide to use the GAMBLE feature, you can help the monkey get to its bananas. If the monkey manages to eat a banana, you can gamble once more or collect.

Players who get to discover the lucky monkey BONUS feature are in for an adventure. You can feed the monkey more bananas in order to reveal winnings, and if you get the JUNGLE BONUS, then you will have to pick a lucky monkey which will share its treasure.

Treasure of the Wild Bears

In this colorful game, players will get the chance to relax and meet the big bear family. Operators who buy online casino games will see that while spinning the reels, you can discover an impressive number of features that will keep you coming back for more.

The BONUS feature will transport you to the secret place where the bears keep their honey stack, and you will get to choose the right jars that unveil amazing prizes. There is also a treasure BONUS where you will meet the bear family and choose your favorite character.

More than that, if you choose to use the GAMBLE feature, you will follow the bear to the source of its food and see if it manages to eat the honey from the hive. We believe that if you are looking to buy online casino games and choose this slot, it will reach an important number of customers due to its great graphics, interesting story and wide variety of features.

Country Jackpots Bounty

The popularity of farm-themed games has grown tremendously among gaming enthusiasts, and online casino players are no exception. Users who play this 9 reel slot game will discover the story of the cutest farm animals, including a smiling cow, hens with their golden eggs, puppies and silly donkeys.

This game is tons of fun, and users will surely want to keep playing when they discover all the winnings that this game has to offer. When you get the carrot BONUS, you will have to harvest some carrots and see if the rabbit wants to steal them. In the JACKPOT BONUS, you will meet the farmer himself and spin the wheel of farm fortune.

The lucky cow will keep you company and cheer for you when you win. Operators who buy online casino games should also check out the GAMBLE feature, where players have to guess if the hen will lay an egg that will hatch a baby chicken or a baby rooster.

These are just some of the most popular animal-themed games provided by CasinoWebScripts, but if you want to check out all the games that unveil animal stories, you can find a list below or access our dedicated online casino games page.

Complete list of animal-themed slot games from CasinoWebScripts

  1. Ju Jungle Monkey Kindom – a story of cheeky monkeys and bananas
  2. Safari Reels – hop in and discover all the wild animals in their natural habitat
  3. Treasure of the Wild Bears – cute bear family enjoying their honey
  4. Country Jackpots Bounty – the cutest farm critters reunited
  5. Catz Love – romantic kitties singing serenades
  6. My Happy Farm – another lovely game with cows, chickens and more
  7. Jungle Bundle – fierce tigers and scary spiders
  8. Barnyard Party – chickens, eggs, sheep and tons of fun
27 June 2015

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