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20 July 2016

Casino software packageIf you are looking to buy casino software and start your online casino, you might have come across a variety of options offered by gaming providers. It is true that the majority of gaming providers use a ‘monthly fees’ solution, which means that you practically rent the games and the software and use them for an online casino. These white label solutions are easy to implement, but do not give you any freedom when it comes to operating your business.

Therefore, we came up with a solution which allows you to purchase our games with source codes, which means that you will be able to modify them and use them for any gaming solution that you want – online casino, mobile casino, bitcoin gaming website, Facebook gaming, sweepstakes solution and more.

You can purchase our casino games and software separately, but you should also know that we offer great discounts for certain games packages, which can represent the starting point of your online casino. In addition to these packages, you can also purchase our casino software and start your business in the shortest amount of time.

Here are out top casino software discounted packages.

Bitcoin Starter Package – 45% discount

Operators who want to start an online casino which can be operated without a gaming license, can take a look at our Bitcoin Starter Package. The package includes 14 premium, No-Copyright casino games, one free website template, and bitcoin integration, which enables instant deposits and withdrawals.

One of the best parts about this package is that you will also receive our casino gaming software, which would usually cost €15 000

The games included in this package are perfect to start an online casino, as we offer titles from all categories. The games included in this package cannot be exchanged for other games, but you can always purchase any other games you want from our catalogue, in addition to the ones presented in this package.

Like so, the Bitcoin Starter Package includes one blackjack game, one American roulette, one video poker, 5 slot games, 3 scratch cards and 3 arcade games.  

This casino software package is valued at €31 700, but after the 49% discount that we offer, you can buy this entire package for €16 000. 

Best Slots – 25% discount

If you are looking to start an online casino with a large number of slots, this package is the best solution for you. With a 25% discount from their actual price, 19 slot games are available in this package. We have included games with different themes and different numbers of reels and lines.

More than that, each game has its unique additional features, which include freespins, bonuses, jackpots, unique gamble modes, expanding wild and more. All of the games included in this package are compatible with desktop computers or laptop computers.

If you are looking to modify any features of the games, you can do so by purchasing the source codes of the 19 slot games offered in this package. The discount of 25% will still be applied. If you want to purchase the games with or without copyright, and use them as they are, you will also get the 25% discount.

This package includes 3-reel and 5-reel slot games, plus our 3D cinematic slot game, Ancient Wonders.

It is important to be aware of the fact that this package does not include our casino software, which must be purchased separately.

Mobile HTML5 Games Package – 35% discount

In this package, you will find several mobile casino games from our collection, which can be played on any mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets, computers or laptops.

Like so, you can reach more players through more channels, and get 17 games with a 35% discount. Just like in the Best Slots package, you have the option to purchase the games with source codes, or with or without copyright.

The Mobile HTML5 Games Package includes 9 slot games, with different numbers of lines and reels, 4 scratch card games, one Blackjack game, one Punto Banco game, one Baccarat game and one Casino War game.

In order to use this games package, you will also have to purchase our casino software. If you are looking to also purchase another package, or any other games from our collection which have been developed with Flash technology, you will still be able to use our casino gaming software with both HTML5 and Flash casino games.

Premium Starter Package – 30% discount

If you are looking to start your online casino, but you want to see how it works out without investing a lot of money from the start, the Premium Starter Package represents a good solution. You will get to take advantage of one title from each gaming category, and see which ones attract players the most.

Like so, you will get to decide more easily if you want to invest in more games from our collection. If not, this package will be enough for a small online casino, and could also represent the starting point of a sweepstakes business, or even Facebook casino.

The games which can be found in this package include one arcade game, one Keno game, one scratch card, 4 different slots, one dice game, one roulette and one video poker. Our casino software is not included in this package.

Advanced Package – 22% discount

The Advanced Package is one of the best deals for operators who want to start an online casino, due to the fact that it offers 37 games from all categories. With this set of games, you can easily open an online casino in the shortest amount of time.

Among the games included in this package, you will find Keno games, arcade games, scratch cards, multispin slots, regular slots with a wide variety of features, Casino War, Baccarat, Texas Hold’em, one dice game and two types of roulette.

All of the games included in the Advanced Package are compatible with desktop computers and laptops. In order to use these games for an online casino, you will have to also purchase our casino software, which is not part of the package. Casino package

Complete Casino Package Solution

If you want to start an online casino and offer a large variety of games, which can be played on desktop or mobile devices, and with our casino management software included, you can take a look at our Complete Casino Package Solution.

This discounted offer contains all the casino games that we have developed so far, plus our casino software.

There are three types of packages that you can purchase, depending on what you intend to do with your casino.

Copyright-CWS Solution – €125 000, discounted from €285 000

The cheapest solution is the one which shows all the games with our company’s logo – the Copyright-CWS solution. You can take advantage of all our games and software, but users who access your online casino will know that the games were developed by our company.

No-Copyright Solution - €165 000, discounted from €375 100

If you purchase this package, you will receive our casino games and software, with our company’s logo removed from the products. This way, users who play at your online casino won’t know that the games have been developed by our company. You can add your own brand on the games, but you can’t modify them in any other way.

Source Codes Solution - €400 000, discounted from €1 007 300

This package includes all of our games and our casino software, with our company’s logo removed from your casino. More than that, by having access to the source codes of the games, you will be able to modify any graphics, sounds, and any other features of the games. You can customize the games in any way you like, and you won’t have to pay any monthly fees.

These are just some of our casino discounted packages – for more options, visit our casino packages page.

20 July 2016

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