CasinoWebScripts Releases Minesweeper Type Crypto Games

7 June 2019

cryptocurrency games

Crypto-based games are gaining more and more popularity on the internet lately. We’ve seen bitcoin and the entire cryptocurrency industry go up and down during the past years. Even so, digital coins aren’t just a fad anymore – bitcoin’s activity picked up pace in the last months and is currently trending upwards.

CasinoWebScripts’ online casino developers have decided to create two crypto minigames which are similar to minesweeper. The new titles presented by CasinoWebScripts are Rock Paper Scissors Tile Adventure and Crypto Persian Prince Tile Adventures.

The games are compatible with mobile and desktop devices, so players can have easy access on their smartphones, tablets, computers and more. They are provably fair and can be translated in any language.

CasinoWebScripts’ gaming developers describe these two games as lucrative and addictive, similar to the ultra-popular minesweeper, but with a fairly different design. The games come with rules that are easy to understand, so any novice player can easily play without risking their coins.

Rock Paper Scissors Tile Adventure

rock paper scissors

The name of this game is very suggestive – if you’ve ever played the game Rock Paper Scissors in real life, you’ll know exactly how to play this crypto game as well. If not, you can see a graphic with the rules of the game in the right part of the screen.

It goes like this: rock beats scissors, scissors beat paper, and paper beats rock. You’ll see that you have a set of tiles with different values depending on your bet amount. You start by choosing rock, paper or scissors in the right part of the screen. By clicking START, the game begins. Then, you have to click on any tiles from the level highlighted with the margin arrows, and one of the symbols rock, paper or scissors will be revealed.

rock paper scissors 2

If the item you selected in the right part of the screen beats the revealed tile (e.g.: you select ROCK and reveal SCISSORS), you advance to the next row of tiles. The game continues if you don’t collect your winnings.

If it’s a tie (e.g.: you select ROCK and you reveal ROCK), you can choose to advance to the next level, without making a profit on the row with a tie.

If the item you selected is beaten by the revealed tile (e.g.: you select SCISSORS and reveal ROCK), all winnings during that round are lost.

There is a maximum of 10 rows of tiles. If you get to the 10 th row, then the game ends and the credits are added to the current credits amount.

This crypto minesweeper type game has been designed with a nicely-designed, animated background and futuristic sound effects.

You can find it for sale here, along with a live demo of the game.

Crypto Persian Prince Tile Adventure

persian prince crypto

This crypto minesweeper type game has been inspired by the tales of the One Thousand and One Nights, with the Persian Prince who finds the magic lamp. Players are invited to place their bets and see if they can reveal the lamp under the tiles.

Crypto Persian Prince Tile Adventures is a guessing game similar to minesweeper. With easy rules, any player who enjoys the thrill of a guessing game can easily play it, without the need of any gaming skills.

Players who enjoy Arabic themes are going to be delighted by the design of this game. The Persian Prince stands on the upper part of the tiles, and the background reveals a mesmerizing depiction of an Arabian night, with castles and mosques.

The purpose of the game is to reveal the magic lamp under the tiles and avoid the thief, who ends the game once revealed. Like so, after clicking START, you have to click on one of the tiles on the first row. If you reveal the lamp, you win and advance to the next tile level. If you reveal the thief, the round ends and all winnings gained during that round are lost.

persian prince crypto 2

Crypto Persian Prince Tile Adventures also comes with a JACKPOT, which can be won randomly upon revealing any magic lamp. When the jackpot is won, the jackpot chest opens and the game will end. You will also collect your pending win.

If you're interested in purchasing Crypto Persian Prince Tile Adventures, you can find it here.

Purchase Minesweeper Type Crypto Games

With CasinoWebScripts, you can start your own cryptocurrency game website with a minesweeper type game. These crypto games can even be purchased with source codes, feature which will grant you access to the source code files and documentation, allowing you to edit the graphics, sounds and functionality of the games.

7 June 2019

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