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    News Blog Dogecoin, Catcoin and More: Cryptocurrencies That Can Take Over the Internet

Dogecoin, Catcoin and More: Cryptocurrencies That Can Take Over the Internet

The internet world has been taken by storm by the abundance of cryptocurrencies that have appeared in 2013. The digital currency craze is expected to grow even more this year, as new kinds of cryptocurrencies appear each month and a lot of internet operators open cryptocurrency online casinos.

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to appear on the internet. It has become extremely popular during last year, its value reaching more than $1,200 in December 2013. People are now trading Bitcoins for anything from food to cars or houses.

Since the Bitcoin was first mined, many other cryptocurrencies were invented. Almost all of them are similar to Bitcoin, but they usually offer some extra features. At this point in time, the top five cryptocurrencies after market capitalization are Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, Peercoin and Mastercoin. 

Besides all of these currencies that represent great alternatives for operators who want to open cryptocurrency online casino, new and fun virtual coins have been developed and are on their way to making it big on the internet. Cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin or Catcoin are perfect for entrepreneurs who want to start online gaming sites without having to obtain a gambling license for a regular casino that only supports real money payment methods.

No one would have thought that 2013’s internet meme of the year, Doge, could be the mascot of one of the most valuable currencies available on the cryptocoin market, Dogecoin. Doge is a slang term used for “dog”, and internet users associate it with pictures of a hilarious Shiba Inu and his funny internal monologue that lacks serious grammar.

Operators who seek to open a cryptocurrency online casino might be interested in using Dogecoin as payment method due to the fact that the famous internet meme has managed to draw the attention of an enormous number of internet users, many of them being highly amused by pictures of Doge. Thus, the emotional impact that the Dogecoin can have on internet users is enormous. More than that, the fact that it can be integrated in a gaming site where people come to have fun makes it perfect for an online casino.

Another cute and fuzzy cryptocurrency that has recently emerged on the virtual coins market is Catcoin. The internet is already invaded by videos and photos of cats doing all kinds of stuff, so why not use them as a mascot for virtual money? So, for all cat lovers out there, operators who want to open cryptocurrency online casino have the possibility to start gaming sites that use Catcoin as payment method.

Another crytocurrency that internet users talk a lot about is Coinye West. Yes, it’s what you think it is, a virtual coin that was named after the singer Kanye West. The ones who invented it claimed that Coinye will offer some unique features, and even release a mining program, called CoinyeMiner, which is supposed to make it easier for users to mine their own coin units. Taking into consideration that Kanye West is a celebrity, who knows how this cryptocurrency will impact the internet world?

Our team at CasinoWebScripts can integrate any cryptocurrency as payment method for operators who seek to open cryptocurrency online casinos. The success of the Bitcoin and the fact that more and more virtual coins appear each month shows that cryptocurrencies are here to stay.


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