Guide to Opening an Online Casino in Romania

13 November 2023

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Ever dreamt of riding the digital wave in Romania's gambling market? Imagine this - a vibrant, thriving online casino in Romania, where eager Romanian players engage in riveting table games and slot machines. You're at the helm, shaping an exciting gaming landscape for local residents.

This could seem like an ambitious dream, yet it's achievable! But what does opening an online casino entail?

We'll journey through understanding licensing requirements from Oficiul Na?ional pentru Jocuri de Noroc (ONJN), navigating financial aspects such as authorized capital requirement and player funds management. We’ll decode compliance with Romanian gambling laws to ensure fair play and safeguard against underage gambling. Plus, we'll get insights into taxation policies within this lucrative industry.

Are you ready to dive into the Romanian iGaming world? It's waiting for your unique touch. Make it count!

Establishing an Online Casino in Romania

So, you're thinking about diving into the world of online casinos? Well, setting up shop in Romania might be a smart move. As one of the most active gambling markets in Eastern Europe, it's ripe with opportunity for operators.

Understanding Licensing Requirements

The first step to start your online casino is getting licensed by ONJN (Oficiul Na?ional pentru Jocuri de Noroc), or National Gambling Office. It offers two types of licenses: a first-class license for gambling operators and a second-class license for service providers such as software developers.

Romania residents, EU citizens, or EEA nationals can apply directly. But foreign organizations need to take an extra step - appointing a local authorized representative within Romanian jurisdiction.

Appointing a Local Authorized Representative

If you're not based in Romania, don't fret. You just need someone who is – your local authorized representative. They'll serve as your point-of-contact with ONJN and handle all legal matters on behalf of your organization.

Besides meeting licensing requirements set by ONJN, there's another crucial detail: keeping players' money safe in a Romanian bank account. Trust us; nothing speaks louder than secure transactions when it comes to building trust among potential gamblers.

Financing Your Online Casino Operation

To open an online casino in Romania, you must be aware of the financial requirements that range from 30,000 to 2 million Romanian lei. The minimum authorized capital requirement ranges from 30,000 to a staggering 2 million Romanian lei depending on your operation size.

Why such a large range? Well, this is because of the varying types and sizes of gambling operations that one can start. Whether you're offering slot machines or live dealer games impacts your required capital investment. But remember. Don't let these numbers scare you off - think about them as building blocks for success.

In addition to meeting these initial costs, keeping player funds safe is another key aspect of running an online casino business successfully in Romania. To ensure fair play and maintain trust with players, all operators need a bank account within Romania itself where players' money will be kept separate from operational expenses.

This might seem like additional work but consider this: when people see that their money is secure, they are more likely willing to bet big. It’s not just smart – it’s good business sense too.

To make things easier there are plenty of Banks in Romania ready and able to assist you set up shop smoothly without any difficulties along the way.

Compliance with Romanian Gambling Laws

Navigating the labyrinth of legalities is a crucial step to kick-start your online casino in Romania. It's not only about abiding by the law; it's also essential to conduct business ethically and provide a secure wagering atmosphere for customers.

The National Gambling Office (ONJN) sets out Romanian gambling laws. Their guidelines are crystal clear, giving operators like you no room for misinterpretation or non-compliance. Remember, running afoul of these regulations could spell disaster for your venture.

A key law centers on licensing requirements. Without an approved license from ONJN, operating an online casino would be akin to sailing without a compass - aimless and dangerous. So whether it’s first-class or second-class licenses that suit your operations best, get them sorted before going live.

But hold on. That's not all there is to this game. You must also have effective measures against underage gambling in place because let’s face it: No one wants their platform used irresponsibly.

Promoting Responsible Betting Practices

In order to safeguard our customers' interests and adhere strictly to local norms, we need strong checks in place against problem gambling activities as well as strategies promoting responsible betting practices among users.

  • Betting limits can serve as safeguards preventing players from crossing over into addiction territory.
  • Self-exclusion tools enable punters who feel they’re losing control over their habits temporarily disable access so they can take a breather from playing games on the site.

Maintaining Transparency with Players

Fair play goes hand-in-hand with transparency when offering any kind of gambling services. Be upfront about the house edge in games like slot machines or live dealer table games to keep players informed and confident about your casino's operations.

Being bold, responsible, and transparent with Romanian laws isn't just good for business—it’s a recipe for success.

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Market Analysis of Online Gambling in Romania

The iGaming industry in Romania is experiencing a boom, thanks to the country's robust internet infrastructure. With approximately 88% of its population having access to the internet and a GDP ranking 13th among EU member states, it's no wonder that online casinos are thriving.

Every year, this Eastern European nation generates around €900 million in gross gambling revenue (GGR). But what makes the Romanian market so appealing for online operators? Let's take a look at some aspects that are contributing to this expansion.

Internet Penetration and its Impact on iGaming

Romania has one of the highest rates of internet accessibility amongst Romanians which plays an instrumental role in promoting online gaming. This high level of connectivity allows residents to easily participate in various forms of online betting - from live dealer games and slot machines to sports betting.

In fact, active gambling markets like these have become more than just an acceptable pastime; they've grown into a fully regulated sector within Romania. The growing popularity coupled with clear rules provided by regulators offers promising prospects for new operators looking forward to offering their gambling services here.

Taxation in the Romanian Gambling Industry

Setting up an online casino in Romania? Well, brace yourself for a bumpy tax ride. Like it or not, taxes are a crucial part of your gambling operation. But don't worry. We're here to guide you through this intricate landscape.

Romania's approach to taxing online casinos is unique and multifaceted. One aspect that’s impossible to ignore is the Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR) tax rate - sitting at 23%.

The GGR tax isn’t all there is though – far from it. Online operators also need to be aware of license fees and annual authorization contributions which depend on several factors such as the type of games offered and their income bracket. Remember, knowledge about these gambling taxes can save you some serious headaches down the line.

  • You'll find detailed information regarding taxation specifics directly on ONJN's website.
  • If slot machines are your thing, take note: there's an additional levy per unit each month.
  • Sports betting enthusiasts should be prepared for different calculations depending upon whether they operate land-based outlets or purely digital platforms.

Navigating these complexities might feel akin to playing high-stakes poker blindfolded but remember; understanding how much money goes where could mean the difference between hitting jackpot or going bust.

Ensuring Fair Play and Protecting Players

The world of online casinos is thrilling, but it's also crucial to ensure a safe gambling environment. A significant part of running an online casino in Romania involves taking measures to protect players from the potential harms associated with gambling.

To make sure you offer a fair game, start by implementing responsible gambling practices. This approach helps prevent addictive behavior among players and promotes healthier betting habits. The Gambling Commission, for instance, offers valuable resources on this topic.

Implementing Responsible Gambling Practices

An effective way to promote responsible betting is through setting limits on deposits and bets that players can place over specific periods. These tools let your patrons manage their gameplay actively without falling into compulsive patterns.

Besides financial restrictions, offering self-exclusion options can help struggling individuals take a break from the gaming platform when they need it most. In fact, some operators even provide direct links to professional help organizations right within their platforms for those who might need more assistance.

A key factor in protecting Romanian players involves educating them about the risks involved in excessive or underage gambling activities – remember: knowledge equips power.

FAQs in Relation to Open Online Casino in Romania

Is online casino legal in Romania?

Yes, online casinos are legal in Romania, as long as they're licensed by the National Gambling Office (ONJN).

How much does it cost to open a casino in Romania?

The cost varies but expect to spend between 30,000 and 2 million Romanian lei for authorized capital. Plus licensing fees.

Can I open my own online casino in Romania?

Yes. If you meet all the regulatory requirements like obtaining an ONJN license, appointing a local representative, and maintaining adequate finances.


It's possible to open an online casino in Romania, and you've just taken the first step to understand how. Remember, getting a license from ONJN is crucial. You need either a first-class or second-class license based on your operations.

A local authorized representative plays a significant role if you're not already established within Romanian borders. Navigating financial aspects is essential - meeting minimum capital requirements and maintaining player funds are paramount.

Stay on top of compliance with Romanian gambling laws for responsible gaming practices, protecting players' interests at all costs. Get insights into market analysis; the iGaming industry in Romania offers untapped potential.

Taxes? Yes, they exist even here! Prepare yourself to meet tax obligations as part of running an online casino successfully in Romania.

You now have what it takes to embark on this journey towards establishing an open online casino in Romania that prioritizes fair play and player protection!

13 November 2023

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