History of Casinos - How it all began

20 November 2012

What is a Casino?

They are commonly thought of as large, glamorous buildings with bright lights and filled with hopes of hitting it big. But what exactly is a casino, and how did they get their start? Technically speaking, a casino is a building that contains a variety of gambling games and activities. They actual word originally comes from the Italian language, beginning with “casa” which means is directly translated as “house” but was set to mean a luxurious place of pleasure and enjoyment. Although gambling has been outlawed during different time periods and in different countries, casinos are generally a place where people can go to legally gamble and enjoy themselves. They are commonly filled with bright lights, alcohol, and plenty of money. They are usually dimly lit and do not have many windows, in order to create a certain mood and atmosphere that attracts and keeps people there.

How Did It All Begin?

Gambling has been said to have been around in every generation across the world since the beginning of time. Although the forms have changed and many variations have been made, people from all backgrounds have always found some sort of pleasure and enjoyment in betting against one another. Gambling took its first organized approach in Italy in 1638, where gambling houses were created to control and increase profits. This was closed in the mid 1700’s, but gambling continued to increase in popularity across Europe. When America was colonized, the colonists brought these gambling traditions with them. They would bet on everything from horse races to card and dice games.
Gambling became very popular with the ever-growing emergence of saloons. However, when gambling and alcohol were both outlawed in America in the 1911 Prohibition people were forced to take their bets underground. However, it reemerged in full force in 1931 when the state of Nevada declared gambling legal and begin to build modern casinos. Most of these gambling houses were created and funded by mobsters, so the events within them were not always considered to be “legal”. Organized crime units have been credited with creating the first modern day casinos, one of the most famous leaders of this time was Bugsy Siegel. Other states fought back and forth on whether to legalize gambling and casinos, but most people voted against it.
A turn occurred when states began to legalize the most simple form of gambling, the lottery. It wasn’t until 1978 when the second state legally recognized most forms of gambling within it. New Jersey formed Atlantic City, which is today’s second largest gambling industry in the U.S. after Las Vegas. Over the next couple of decades more states began to allow small amounts of gambling, specifically on Native American Reservations.
After this occurred, casino popularity began to spread across the world. The first casinos in Asia begin to open in the late 1960’s, but they did not become mainstream until the late 1990’s. In the 1980’s the gambling craze grew in Australia, the country legalized casinos. Although very minimal forms of gambling were legal in the UK, organized casinos were not legally built until 2005.
Today, casinos are an extremely popular way for people across the world to gamble and enjoy themselves. Many people travel across the world to visit gambling houses in places like Macau and Las Vegas.

Popular Games

Each country has a variety of games that are popular within their casinos. Many of these games are traditional and related to the specific culture. However, the worldly popular games that have spread very quickly can be found on every casino floor across the globe. These include a few variations of poker, including the table game and virtual machines. Slot machines are also incredibly popular throughout the world, they can be found in almost every single place designated to gambling. Other renowned games include craps, roulette, and blackjack. 

Where Can You Find Them?

Casinos, both large and small, can be found in virtually any country across the world. But where are the most prominent gambling houses at, and how large are they? One extremely famous casino is more of a resort attraction, located in the Caribbean islands. The Atlantis is quite unique due to the architecture, location, and extremely high cost. Another extremely famous casino is the Monte Carlo, located just East of France in the small country of Monaco. It’s elegant building structure and interior adds to the charm of the gambling house. Located on the Southern coast of China lies Macau, an increasingly popular set of casinos that is known to people across the globe. It currently has over 33 well-established gambling houses and continues to grow. Finally, one of the most popular locations in the world to gamble is Las Vegas, located within the United States in Southern Nevada. Las Vegas boasts to have over 125 booming casinos that are packed with people from across the globe every day of the year. CasinoWebScripts has some of the best casino games.

Building Attraction

When a person thinks about a casino in modern day gambling, it is never just a building with a few games inside. In order to build further revenue and a higher reputation, most casinos add attractiveness to every detail. Typically, you can find both the inside and the interior of the casino to be bursting with flashing lights, sounds of winning, and bright colors. Most large and popular casinos are accompanied by a hotel so that guests have a place to stay when they get tired. A great deal of dining and shopping opportunities are also offered to the guests to keep the enjoyment level high. Most casinos also offer “perks” to their loyal gamblers, giving out free hotel rooms, food, and prizes to those who frequently gamble with them. These additions have added to the value of the casinos across the world, and have led to players staying longer and gambling more frequently.


Whether a player prefers to be spinning the reels of a slot machine or taking their chances at a game of poker, they can find their desired level of enjoyment in virtually every large industrialized country. Gambling has been part of human history since the beginning of time in a variety of forms. Legalizing and modernizing casinos has simply brought the tradition of gambling to a large and organized scale. Casinos offer a level of enjoyment that many other businesses can simply not compete with, and they will continue to grow in size, numbers, and popularity throughout the future.

20 November 2012

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