History of Online Casino Software - Today and Before

23 November 2012

What is Gambling Software?

While many people still frequently flock to land casinos, the realm of online gambling has grown an incredible amount over the past few decades. Unlike the history of gambling itself, the history of online gambling and its revolutionary technology is fairly short. What is gambling software, and how was it created?
Gambling software is a relatively new invention, only dating back to the late 1990’s. It is computer technology that allows players to gamble online and enjoy themselves in a similar way that they would in a land casino, but from the comfort of their own homes. The software facilitates and organizes the gambling industry online. It also allows for players to gamble when they would otherwise not be able to, usually due to laws and regulations set in place by the government in the country in which they live.
Casino software has revolutionized the gambling industry, drawing even more attraction to the gambling realm and bringing in additional profits for the industry itself. The actual technology has changed and modernized a great deal over the years and continues to evolve as time goes on.

How it all Began

The first technology that began the online gambling craze was created by the company Microgaming and released in 1996. It provided players with technology that they could download and play on their computers. A player would purchase a CD and enable file transfers on their personal computers. The CD would be downloaded on the computer and they would eventually have access to the gaming site. The only downside to this programming was how incredibly slow it was. The internet in general at that time was still dial-up technology and very slow moving. Downloading software onto a computer and then transferring files in order to be able to gamble online was an extremely time consuming process.
In 1997 the company Grand Virtual came out with new software that was sold to the commercial casino industry. This new software allowed for a little bit more access for players and a few more games to play.
Since then, gambling software has evolved dramatically. When flash technology was introduced to online casinos, players were able to play the games without physically downloading them from a CD. Flash technology also dramatically upgraded the game graphics and audio sounds of the website, it utilized the idea of a flash “plug-in” for computers instead of physical CD downloads. This type of technology was found to be far more useful as the internet realm transformed from dial-up to DSL.
The newest and most utilized technology to come to the gambling software industry was the creation of the java platform. Java software allows players to engage in interactive games online, without the pesky downloads or file transfers required in previous technology versions. As long as the online casino company’s platform is set and steady, and the player has a secure internet connection, the player can simply log on to the site and play the countless games that are available. Even more exciting to both players and the gambling industry was the emergence of java software that enables players to bring gaming on the go. Players now have the ability to gamble on their mobile phones, anywhere that the phone can pick up an internet connection.

Technology Evolution

Software programming can basically be described as a set of instructions that are given to the computer to help it work in a certain way. When gambling software was first created the technology utilized included assembler codes that generated the odds of the game. An assembly language is “a low-level programming language for a computer, microcontroller, or other programmable device, in which each statement corresponds to a single machine code instruction. The actual assembler is a type of software that can translate and change the assembly language into a code for the machine that is being used. Assembly programs are able to generate odds by utilizing a machine that generates random numbers, which also controls the betting and payout functions. The problem with using assembler codes for gambling software is the fact that these programs are incredibly time consuming and difficult to use.
This is why it is more commonly found today that gambling software developers utilize high level programming language more often than low level when creating coding for a platform. High level programming is easier to work with and for a programmer and the software’s users to understand. This type of software is very abstract and utilizes complex arithmetic and computer science technology. The only downside to high-level programming is that although it may be far quicker and easier to use, the high level of abstraction often leads to a lower level of efficiency. One common of high level programming is the java platform.


Gambling software technology has evolved an unimaginable amount over the past few decades. It’s hard to believe that the history of this software only began in the 1990’s, as it has come extremely far since then. The technology continues to modernize, creating even more opportunities for players to gamble and enjoy themselves online.


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23 November 2012

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