How a Facebook Social Casino Can Generate a Lot of Money

23 January 2015

You definitely must have heard about Facebook and how people spend time on this amazing social media platform. At the end of December 2014, no less than 1.35 billion people were active users on Facebook, of which 864 million accessed their profiles daily. Just think about how many individuals have access to Facebook social casinos and other social games.

With a Facebook casino, users don’t withdraw money, they just pay for playing

Indeed, we cannot actually say that a Facebook gaming app is an online casino, even if it hosts casino games. According to the Facebook policy, users who play games are not allowed to withdraw money won on social apps. People just play because they like the games, and only use virtual money. Even so, in order to get multiple advantages, like leveling up faster, they need to pay real money to do so. This is why a Facebook social casino is a very profitable business idea: you receive money from players, but you don’t have to pay players who win.

How well-known gaming developers made money on Facebook

The most successful gaming provider on Facebook is Zynga. Maybe you have already heard of games like FarmVille, which has managed to reach an impressive 10 million users per day. More than that, in 2013, Zynga games had over 265 million monthly active users, who spent a lot of money on social gaming.  There are two ways that Zynga uses to make money on Facebook:

  • From advertising, meaning that they use banners and ads in the games;
  • From selling virtual money which people can use to buy virtual goods, goods that help them level up or unlock new items in the online game they like.

If you want to start a Facebook social casino, you might be interested in how you can earn money by offering games to users. It is extremely simple: you can make money by simply using the ways Zynga does, or use some of our methods.  

Methods that you can use to make money with a Facebook social casino

Facebook casino games can look just like any other regular casino game that you can think of. In order to engage players to spend money and play your “gambling games” just for fun, you need to know what you can do to make them come back for more and spend money to keep playing. This is why people would spend money to play your casino games:

  • If you have, for example, 10 games in your portfolio, you can allow Facebook users to only play 3 of those games for free. In order to unlock more games, they need to reach a certain wagering requirement. But to do so, they need to buy a number of credits with real money eventually. This way, players will have the opportunity to choose any games they like from your Facebook social casino.
  • Let’s take a slot game for example. You can offer players a number of free credits once they start playing. After more than a few spins, the credits will be gone. In order to play more of their favorite game, users will have to pay a certain amount of money to get more credit.


  • Users can receive limited credit once they start playing. When their free credit ends, they can get a subscription and pay a certain amount of money.  This way, they will be allowed to have unlimited access to all the games for, let’s say, a month.


  • If you want to attract even more players, you can offer them the opportunity to win vouchers or tickets for concerts, restaurants, or more. If Facebook users play at your casino and win a large number of credits, you can reward them with anything you can think of, but remember that you cannot reward them with real money. For example, a Facebook social casino rewards players with rooms, meals and show tickets in Las Vegas. Even though they will not win real money, just winning something will boost their mood and make them come back for more.


Like so, owning a Facebook social casino can prove to be a very profitable online gaming idea, because you do not have to invest money in obtaining a casino license (all real-money online casinos need to do so). You simply need to pay certain fees to Facebook to run your online games, and all the money players spend to buy credits will go to you.

23 January 2015

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