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How to Create an Attractive Online Casino Design

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When you decide to start your online casino business, one of the top aspects to consider is the online casino design that you are going to choose. The internet offers tons of options when it comes to variety regarding the frontend of an online gaming site.

Casino owners from around the world compete to offer attractive designs that look good and function properly on all devices that players use. The online casino design plays a significant role in the success of your business. If you have the right games, a website that looks good and runs smoothly, and a gaming platform that helps you easily run your casino, you’re in for guaranteed success.

If you’ve chosen CasinoWebScripts as your online casino provider, our specialists are eager to help you choose the best online casino design for your business or develop one that’s tailored to your needs.

What makes a casino design project successful?

When it comes to casino functionality, think about the following components:

  • Easy content navigation;
  • Visible search button;
  • Easy access to games menu;
  • Banners with special offers and bonuses;
  • Game categories;
  • Description and rules listed for every game;
  • Access to 24-hour tech-support;
  • Accessible registration panel.

All these elements help players easily navigate your website, register quickly and find the games that they prefer without having to waste a lot of time searching for what they need.

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Security features – a must!

Besides the functionality features that help players easily access any part of your online casino, it is also important to consider a few security features that demonstrate the reliability of your website:

Random number generator

Your online casino website should have information regarding the testing of its RNG system. The RNG method ensures players that the games offer equal and random winning chances for all players. It is also an essential indicator that the casino is secure and fair. The system applies for all games of chance. 

Verified license by regulatory bodies

An online gaming business that runs on real money transactions usually requires being licensed by a recognized jurisdiction. Regulatory bodies are responsible for testing the games and ensuring that the casino’s random number generator and additional systems are secure and fair.

A casino license usually needs to be renewed yearly. It is important to clearly list on your website that the casino has been tested and licensed by a recognized jurisdiction to prove that your casino is a credible entity.

Players’ casino reviews

Besides the online reputation of an online casino, which comes from external reviews, operators should also allow players to leave reviews for each game they play. This will showcase the rate of customer satisfaction while also offering other players the chance to find out aspects about the payout ratio or other players’ experiences.

Operators can also see which games are the most popular and appreciated by users. This also counts as a really good strategy to see how some of the games can be improved.

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Colors and online casino design trends

An attractive casino design must be tailored to the latest trends on the market. For a long-term casino business, it’s important to choose an online casino developer who can help you change the design depending on the latest trends.

At CasinoWebScripts, we encourage operators to retain the look and characteristics of the original patterns, games and themes that we can find in real, land-based casinos. By offering players an online version of real objects and things, we create a familiarity that helps players get in the proper mood for playing games of chance.

If you’re looking to portray a real-life casino, a dark design is the best option. Any gambler who ever entered a brick-and-mortar casino knows that the main elements include glamorous accessories, with wooden game tables and always a dim light that denote the real casino atmosphere.

Online casino design colors

Online casino games come in a variety of colors and themes, but certain colors can be used as tools that help players associate your online gambling business with the classic image of a land-based casino.

Red and black

These two colors are a staple of the casino industry in general. In roulette, all of its main versions – European, American and French – are designed with red and black on the wheel and table. Playing card suits also come in these two colors – hearts and diamonds are red, and clubs and spades are black.


This flashy color is always associated with richness, prosperity and glam. The objective of playing at an online casino is to get those golden coins that pop up on the screen each time you win something. Gold means that the player got a big reward, or even hit the jackpot. Therefore, inserting golden elements in your online casino design is the perfect way to obtain a classic, attractive look that appeals to all players.


As we all know, green – especially dark green - is commonly associated with money. It’s also one of the trademark colors of land-based casinos. We can see it on the cloths of the majority of table games, such as poker, roulette or dice. We can also find this color on the roulette wheel – green is used for the pockets of zero and double zero.

Interactive elements

One of the latest trends in the online gaming world is inserting elements that retain the design and functional characteristics of original casino objects. For example, a coin that pops up on the screen and reveals that characteristic sound that it makes when it falls on a table will portray the ambiance of a live casino while helping players make a connection that will get them in that gambling mood.

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Mistakes to avoid while designing an online casino

Besides knowing which elements make an online casino attractive, it’s also essential to consider what we should avoid when we design an online gaming site. Here are some of the top mistakes that could lower your casino profit.

Excess of bonus and promotion banners

Yes, everyone likes to get free stuff, but an abundance of promotion and bonus banners on your website will make your casino look overcrowded. It will also be difficult for players to find games or info if they’re forced to look at flashy banners that occupy too much space on the screen. Keep the most important and attractive promotions in a separate part of the screen, without making your casino look cluttered.

Disrupting elements on the main screen

Keeping the homepage of your online casino clean and simple will help players easily find what they’re looking for. We know that slots and casino games in general are all about glam and bright lights, but these elements must remain inside the games. The casino lobby should always be professionally-looking and easy to navigate, without many distractive elements.

Not testing compatibility with all devices

A professional online casino design should be compatible with both mobile and online devices. Be careful and examine how your online casino looks on a PC screen, on laptops, on tablets and on smartphones. You can never know which devices and resolutions players use, so a responsive design is the best solution for a positive online gaming experience.

Online casino design development: conclusion

Creating a successful online casino design means paying attention to all the latest trends and developments while also avoiding common mistakes that can interfere with players’ positive gaming experience. It’s essential to guarantee security and encourage responsible behavior, but it’s also important to make the casino as entertaining as possible. Users come here to play, so work out a solution that combines fun with safety.

Our developers at CasinoWebScripts are here to help you create the best online casino design according to your preferences.



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