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Key Casino Software Security Features

While looking for online casino software for sale, you might have come across a variety of solutions offered by online casino developers. Choosing the right software for your online casino is an essential step that you must consider when you decide to start your internet gaming business.

Security features Since it is of utmost importance to run an online casino which is backed by a strong software security system, we have gathered the most important features that will prevent situations which involve abuse, hacking or abnormal user activity.

Anti-hacking features

Some of the most important characteristics that you should consider when you start looking for online casino software for sale are the anti-hacking features. Some of the most valuable features that you should look for include:

  • Anti-brute-force attacks: this type of hacking attempt refers to attackers who try to check all possible passwords with the hope of getting the correct one. There are certain countermeasures that can be taken against this type of the attacks. One of the best solutions is to limit the number of attempts of a password being guessed, by blocking the account or introducing time delays. As such, if someone introduces the wrong password for a number of times, the IP of the attacker is blocked.
  • Anti-bucket-brigade attacks: the ‘bucket brigade’ attacks refer to a security attack which involves two users and an attacker who intercepts and modifies the data between these users. During this hacking attempt, the attacker pretends to be one of the two users, thus fooling one of the users into thinking that he is actually communicating with the other person. In online casinos, a malicious user could intercept the communication between you and the online server you’re logging into, and automatically access your account. In order to prevent such attempts, encryption protocols which secure the communication channels must be used.

Anti-abusive-user features

Not only hackers can represent a problem for your online casino’s security. When you search for online casino software for sale, you should also ask the provider about what the software can do against fraudulent online casino user attempts. Some of the key features include:

  • Multiple accounts prevention: this feature automatically restricts an user from registering more than 2 accounts (the limit can be increased). A multi-account detection tool to prevent the abuse of online casino services is also important.
  • Blacklist option: if users break any of the online casino terms, you should have the possibility to block any IP, credit card, email or email domain. A variety of measures should be taken against fraudulent players, such as preventing them from using bonus codes, or banning their accounts for a period of time.
  • Random number generator: this feature is a must for any casino operator who wants to buy online casino software for sale. The random number generator (RNG) prevents players from predicting the casino odds, but also ensures players that you are using a fair system, which is not trying to cheat.

Secure login Risk management features

Players who engage in online gaming activities must always gamble responsibly and be protected against the adverse consequences of gaming. All gaming operators should consider implementing a responsible gaming system, which should be integrated in the online casino software. Some of the most effective responsible gaming features include:

  • Self-imposed exclusions: players who have already noticed that they might deal with gaming addiction should have the possibility to use a self-exclusion feature. This solution should allow players to practically ‘ban’ themselves from accessing the online casino’s games, for a certain period of time or even permanently.
  • Self-imposed limitations: if players believe that they might be spending too much money while playing in your online casino, a self-imposed limitation feature should be helpful. By imposing certain limitations, players can set their own deposit, wagering, loss and session duration limits, without risking more than they can afford.
  • System-imposed exclusions: if the admin of the casino software notices any unusual player activity, the admin can close the user account for a period of time.
  • System-imposed limitations: the admin should also have the possibility to impose certain limits directly from the system, such as deposit and withdrawal limits.
  • Adult-only policy: since underage users are prohibited from playing online casino games for real money, the system should have a feature that does not allow underage players to create an account and play casino games. The legal definition of adulthood differs depending on the region in question, and the system should allow operators to set the legal age.



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