Latest Gambling Regulatory Modifications in Europe

3 September 2015

Operators who are looking to open an online casino should always be informed about the latest regulatory changes in the online gaming industry. Starting an internet casino business that accepts real money as payment option needs to be backed up by a gambling license, which you must obtain depending on the legislation of the jurisdiction where you are about to run your business.

Malta, The Netherlands and Poland are looking to improve their gaming regimes, so if you want to open an online casino in any of these countries, you might be interested in the changes that occurred lately.

Poland legalizes online gambling

One year after a draft that would legalize online gambling in Poland was submitted, former President Bronislaw Komorowski signed the Polish Gambling Act on July 31. Polish authorities first submitted such a bill in 2014, but the draft was amended several times before being approved. The new regulation stated that foreign operators are now allowed to offer gambling products to polish residents, but only by following the new legislation.

Starting this year, operators who are looking to open an online casino in Poland can offer all products related to card games, dice games, bingo, other betting and lottery, but only by starting a joint stock company or a limited liability company on the territory of Poland and obtaining a license. The recent gambling law especially allows companies of the European Union and members of the European Free Trade Association to start online gambling businesses in Poland.

Online gaming in the Netherlands to be regulated soon

Despite the fact that online gaming regulation in the Netherlands still needs to come into force, the online gaming market in the country continues to grow. The Dutch gaming regulator Kansspelautoriteit already reported that the size of the market has grown significantly since 2013, with a gross gaming income that is expected to increase by 7.6 percent in 2015, in comparison to the revenue recorded in 2014.

More than that, no less than 437,000 Dutch residents out of the total 17 million have gambled at least once during the past year, despite that regulation regarding online gaming in the country has not yet been enforced. Even so, a gambling bill is expected to be brought forward in the near future, with an estimated 20 percent tax that would be applied to operators’ gaming revenue.

Companies who want to open an online casino should know that 200 companies have already expressed their interesting in opening an internet gaming business in the Netherlands.

Malta looking to update gaming legislation

A new gambling law in Malta is expected to be introduced this autumn, in order for the Maltese gambling authority to extend its power. Through this new legislation, the Maltese gaming authority, MGA, is looking to increase player protection and reduce illegal operations.

Malta has been one of the pioneers of online gaming in Europe, as it is the first country to regulate internet gaming by introducing the Lotteries and Other Games Act. The casino industry in the country is generating significant revenue each year, as it continues to attract operators outside Malta to open gaming businesses here. Its solid infrastructure and fast-moving gaming industry places Malta among the top options for operators looking to open an online casino.

3 September 2015

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