Lucky Shamrock Keno

6 February 2024

Lucky Shamrock Keno: Details

Lucky Shamrock Keno for online casino, released in January 2024, is the latest game creation by CasinoWebScripts that brings the luck of the Irish to the world of online casinos.

This game combines the traditional mechanics of Keno with an enchanting Irish theme, complete with a green aesthetic and symbols of good fortune. With an RTP of 96.03%, it promises a competitive edge for operators and an appealing return for players.

Integrating Lucky Shamrock Keno into your online casino is hassle-free, thanks to CasinoWebScripts’ user-friendly API, which ensures a smooth incorporation into your existing system.

This game is an ideal choice if you are an online casino operators looking to expand your gaming portfolio with a title that combines classic gameplay with cultural charm, high engagement, and a high return to player percentage.

In this article, you will find about the benefits of introducing Lucky Shamrock Keno into your online casino offering. You can also try a demo version of the game.

Game Features

Lucky Shamrock Keno is built with functionality that both engages players and streamlines operator management.

Players can easily select their lucky numbers on the digital Keno board, or opt for the 'Quick Pick' feature for randomly generated selections. The 'Auto Play' option allows for continuous play without interruption, ideal for the seasoned player who appreciates a brisk pace.

For operators, Lucky Shamrock Keno offers a customizable platform: coin values, paytables, and game speed can all be adjusted to suit the needs of your clientele. Its robust backend tools provide real-time data analytics, giving you insights into player patterns and game performance.

With an RTP above average of 96.03%, it maintains player interest with the prospect of frequent payouts.

shamrock kenoHow to Play

Lucky Shamrock Keno is a game of chance that is simple to play. Like so, it’s accessible to both newcomers and engaging for Keno veterans. Players begin by choosing their preferred numbers from 1 to 80 on the Keno board, with the flexibility to select manually or use the 'Quick Pick' option for an automated selection.

Once the numbers are chosen, players set their bet size by adjusting the coin value. With the press of the 'Play' button, 20 numbers are drawn at random. Payouts are determined based on the number of player's picks that match the drawn numbers, as detailed in the paytable.

The 'Auto Play' feature can be activated for multiple, consecutive game rounds with the same bet and numbers, allowing for an uninterrupted gaming experience.

Graphics and Audio

Lucky Shamrock Keno entices players not just with its gameplay but also with its rich audiovisual appeal. The game’s soundscape is a mix of traditional Irish tunes and the cheerful chimes of a winning game. Each number selection and win is accompanied by distinct, thematic sound effects, reinforcing the game's overall feel.

Visually, the game boasts vibrant graphics, with a color palette that echoes the lush greens of Ireland's landscapes, complemented by golden accents that add a touch of charm. The interface is crisp and clear, ensuring ease of play without sacrificing its thematic elements, such as four-leaf clovers and pots of gold that align with the game's lucky motif.

Animations are smooth and purposeful, with subtle movements that draw the eye to important game elements like the paytable and number grid. The balance between decorative graphics and functional design ensures that players are not overwhelmed and can focus on the gameplay.

Bitcoin or Real-money compatibility

Lucky Shamrock Keno for online casino caters to a broad audience by accommodating the options of Bitcoin or real-money wagering. This dual compatibility ensures that whether players are cryptocurrency enthusiasts or traditional bettors, they can enjoy the game in a format that suits their preferences.

Bitcoin transactions offer the advantages of security, anonymity, and speed, while real-money betting provides a classic gaming experience.

For your iGaming business, this means attracting a diverse player base and streamlining payment processing.

Sweepstakes mode available

The sweepstakes version of Lucky Shamrock Keno is an innovative gaming solution tailored for markets like certain American states where traditional gambling is restricted.

This version adheres to sweepstakes laws, offering an alternative that is both engaging and compliant. Here's how the sweepstakes model differs, as you can also see in the image below:

  • Prizes are precalculated and pooled, with a disclosed payout percentage, ensuring transparency and fairness.
  • Players cannot predict the next prize, as winnings are determined randomly from the prize pool.
  • All available prizes and their occurrence rates are clearly displayed in the game rules.
  • The terminology avoids traditional betting language, using terms like 'Reveal' and 'Entries' instead of 'Bet' and 'Wager'.
  • The 'Double-Up/Gamble' feature is disabled to comply with sweepstakes regulations.
  • Utilizes a 'Double-Bucket' system, separating entries and winnings, providing players with clear visibility of their play balance and accrued prizes.

keno sweepstakes for casinosConclusion

Lucky Shamrock Keno combines classic gameplay with a fresh theme, offering your players a distinctive experience.

It's equipped with a robust RTP and the flexibility for Bitcoin and real-money transactions. As an operator, if you're aiming to diversify your gaming portfolio, this game is designed with your requirements in mind.

To explore how Lucky Shamrock Keno can integrate into your offerings, get in touch for a personalized solution that aligns with your operational needs.

FAQ: Lucky Shamrock Keno

What is Lucky Shamrock Keno for online casino?

Lucky Shamrock Keno is a digital Keno game with an Irish theme, offering a classic lottery experience with a twist.

What makes Lucky Shamrock Keno suitable for sweepstakes models?

The game is designed with a sweepstakes framework in mind, ensuring compliance with specific legal requirements by using non-gambling terminology and a precalculated prize pool system.

How is the RTP for Lucky Shamrock Keno calculated?

The RTP, or Return to Player, is set at 96.03%, calculated over a large number of games to provide a reliable average of returned stakes to players.

Can Lucky Shamrock Keno be played with Bitcoin?

Yes, it supports both Bitcoin and real-money gameplay, offering flexibility for players' preferred betting methods.

How can I add Lucky Shamrock Keno to my online casino?

You can integrate Lucky Shamrock Keno into your casino via a seamless API integration. Contact us for detailed information on customization and integration processes.

6 February 2024

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