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6 July 2016

Medieval themed games

The medieval period has served as great inspiration for gaming providers from all around the world. The majority of online casino software providers have created at least one game with a theme related to the middle ages. Some of the most popular casino games depict well-known characters from stories and legends which described this period, including courageous knights, damsels in distress, majestic dragons and mystical castles and fortresses.

Our team at CasinoWebScripts has created a set of casino games inspired by the medieval period, including slots, video poker, scratch cards and arcade games. All of our games can be integrated with our casino gaming software for a variety of gaming solutions, including but not limited to online casinos, bitcoin casinos, sweepstakes and Facebook casinos.

Archer of Slotwood

Archer of Slotwood This 5-reel slot game with 25 paylines presents the renowned legend of Robin Hood, who robbed the rich and gave to the poor. Our online casino software providers have designed this game for players who want to virtually explore the forests of medieval England, while using a bow and arrow to get as much gold as they can. Robin Hood himself is represented on the scatter symbol, which can offer up to 5 freespins when it appears at least 3 times on active paylines.

The story is completed by the protective monk, the knight in shining armor who tries to stop Robin Hood from doing what he knows best, plus never-ending bags or gold. When players spin the reels and reveal an active payline, they can try to double their winnings in Double mode. Here, they have to guess whether the next card revealed will be red or black.

Players should look out for the bow and arrow Wild symbol – when 2 symbols of this kind appear on the same reel, the Expanding Wild is activated, and helps the player form even more winning paylines. Our online casino software providers have designed this game with an enchanting bonus, which invites players to take Robin Hood’s place and use the arrows to hit the bags full of gold.

If players are lucky enough to receive scatter symbols on all reels, they will receive one of the dazzling jackpots – the mini, major or mega jackpot.

Operators will also notice the interesting design of this game, which contains a forest background, buttons that look like tree logs, and a fascinating tune which completes the medieval theme.

Unforgotten Stories

Unforgotten StoriesWhen it comes to the true essence of the legends about knights and dragons, Unforgotten Stories is the game that presents all the symbols which remind us of these beautiful tales. This 5-reel slot game with 50 paylines has been designed by the online casino software providers at CasinoWebScripts with magical symbols, which catch fire every time a winning payline pops up on the screen.

The mystic symbols of Unforgotten Stories include monstrous dragons, wizards, witches and dauntless knights. The background has been crafted to reveal a castle attacked by the dragons, and, while the fight takes place, the reels spin accompanied by an enchanting background tune.

Unforgotten Stories has been designed with a wide range of extra features, which are meant to keep players engaged and looking to discover the riches that this game can offer. The Wild symbol, represented by an arm which holds a magic sword, will transform into an Expanding Wild when 2 of these symbols appear on the same reel.

The hands holding the enchanted stones represent the Scatter symbol, which can grant up to 5 freespins when it appears on winning paylines. The role of the scatter symbol is to also offer the jackpot to the one who manages to get scatter symbols on all reel stops.

One of the most appreciated features of this game, created by our online casino software developers, is the Dragon Bonus. When players receive at least 3 bonus symbols while spinning the reels, the dragon unveils its lair. During bonus mode, players try to pick as many treasures as they can, before they awaken the dragon and collect their winnings.

The 7 th Reel of the Knight

The 7th Reel of the KnightThis 7-reel slot game unveils a real scene from the medieval times, when knights fought against dragons to protect the kingdom. On the 14 lines, players will discover the multitude of features, which offer amazing prizes to those who are lucky enough to come across them.

The 3D reels reveal a set of symbols which create the story of this game, the battle between the knights and the dragon. The most valuable symbol is the knight’s helmet, followed by the two swords which also trigger the bonus. The knight on its horse and the red dragon are also among the best-paying symbols of this game.

During gameplay, the castle Scatter symbol will trigger 4 freespins when it appears at least 4 times on the reels. During Freespins, all winnings are multiplied by 4. Players also have the chance to win the grand jackpot, when castle scatter symbols appear on all reel stops. 

One of the most engaging features created by CasinoWebScript’s online gaming software providers is the Bonus. In bonus mode, players will get to take part in a battle between two knights, in order to get the most valuable treasure.

The 7 th Reel of the Knight is a desktop-compatible game, which can be played on computers or personal laptops.

Jacks or Better Adventures

Jacks or Better AdventuresIf you are looking to play a video poker game which comes out of the ordinary, Jacks or Better Adventures will offer you just the right thing. Designed by our online gaming developers with a medieval look, a castle in the background and a cheerful background tune, Jacks or Better Adventures will keep players entertained at all times.

The paytable is displayed on the castle’s façade, and players just need to follow the simple rules of Jacks or Better video poker to try to win as many credits as they can. During this game, players receive 5 cards dealt face-up, and they must choose to hold or switch as many cards as they want per gameplay, in order to form winning combinations.

The name of this game gives us a hint about the rules, as players need to form at least a pair of jacks or better to win. If players want to double their winnings, they can choose to click the Double button after a winning combination is revealed, and then try to choose a card which is higher than the one dealt face up.

Kings or Better

Kings or BetterThis video poker game will take players on a quest for getting the best winning formation. Kings or Better is a classic online video poker, designed by CasinoWebScripts’ online casino software developers to resemble a real video poker machine. The two kings sitting in the right part of the screen join the player during the virtual adventure.

During gameplay, five cards are revealed, and players can choose to hold or switch any of the five cards once per hand. Then, the hand is dealt again and winning combinations are revealed. As the name suggests, players need to form at least one pair of kings or better to win. Even so, all players will long for the royal flush, which is the best-paying hand.

Kings or Better is compatible with desktop devices such as personal computers and laptops.

Kings of Cards

Kings of Cards

This video poker creates the perfect ambiance for players who enjoy medieval-themed casino games. Kings of Cards has been created with a background image that shows a castle on top of a rock, and a knight on his horse who protects the castle and its treasures.

Players who want to get some of the riches must try to play the game, by guessing which cards to hold in order to form winning combinations. Accompanied by a soothing background tune, players must decide which cards to keep or switch during one hand. Like so, players must take into consideration that the lowest-paying hand is the kings or better pair.

This game is suitable for all types of casino players, from beginners to the most experienced ones, as it comes with simple rules and can be learned quickly even by those who are novices in online gaming, and especially in online video poker.

King Arthur’s Triple Cash

King Arthur Triple CashWhat’s easier than getting money for simply scratching an online scratch card? This medieval-themed game, created with a design which reveals King Arthur in all his glory, is ready to entertain any players out there who are looking for a nicely-designed scratch card game.

During King Arthur’s Triple Cash gameplay, you need to buy a ticket, scratch the shield symbols and see if you matched at least 3 values of the same kind. Our online casino software developers have also created an Autoscratch option, for players who really want to pick up the pace.

King Arthur’s Triple Cash has been designed to be compatible with desktop devices, including personal computers and laptops. This game has been especially requested for sweepstakes businesses, but it can successfully be integrated with an online or bitcoin casino.

6 July 2016

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