Multiplayer Baccarat 3D Dealer with Scoreboards Available at CasinoWebScripts

26 November 2018

multiplayer baccarat

Operators who are looking to run an online or mobile casino can now find a new Multiplayer Baccarat 3D Dealer game among the casino games collection provided by CasinoWebScripts.

The latest game release of CasinoWebScripts is compatible with online and mobile devices, and it can be successfully used with any cryptocurrency casino solution.

Multiplayer Baccarat 3D Dealer features

In Multiplayer Baccarat 3D Dealer game, users can enter two game rooms: Small bets room and Large bets room. The Small Bets room requires a minimum bet of only 0.10 credits, while in the Large Bets room, players need to wager at least 1.00 credit per bet.

Once users choose their desired rooms, they’re greeted by a dealer designed in 3D. Players have a limited time to place their bets, which is displayed on a timer near the dealer. A round lasts for 60 seconds. On the right side of the dealer, we can see the bet limits and the room the player entered. On the left side, the number of active players is revealed. baccarat printscreenYou will notice that in the lower left side of the game screen, you can see a scoreboard. CasinoWebScripts introduced the Scoreboards feature to help players get detailed representations of previous game results. Several winning patterns are displayed on the scoreboards, which can prove to be very useful for predicting future outcomes of the game.

Reading Multiplayer Baccarat scoreboards

Baccarat is a worldwide-renowned game, and big players frequently rely on baccarat trends to switch the game in their advantage. The scoreboards trend started in Macau, where the results used to be written on paper by VIP hosts. Nowadays, we can find these at many land-based and digital casinos.

It’s not difficult for baccarat beginners to read the main scoreboards, but they’ll need to have a little knowledge about how they work. This baccarat game comes with 2 types of main scoreboards and 3 derived scoreboards. Each one displays the results in a different manner. The derived scoreboards are usually approached by more experienced players.

scoreboards baccarat

The two main scoreboards of this game are the Bead Plate and the Big Road.

Bead Plate – this type of scoreboard comes in the form of a grid filled with ‘beads’ of different colors. Each color represents a certain element of the game: Banker wins are red, Player wins are blue and Tie wins are represented by green. To read each result of the past rounds, players must start from the top left corner and move down along the 6-row column. When this column ends, players start again at the top.

Big Road – with this type of scoreboard, players can see the consecutive wins for the two main bets, Player or Banker. The board consists of alternating columns with blue dots for Player and red dots for Banker. Each column is created when the Player’s winning streak changes in favor of the Banker, and vice-versa. Ties are marked with a green line through the previous win’s circle. Each column is six rows long, so when this number is exceeded, a new column with the same color will start forming. This sequence is called ‘dragon tail’.

Besides these two scoreboards, CasinoWebScripts also introduced 3 variations, which are not a direct representation of the shoe. In the derived roads, red and blue don’t represent the Player and Banker, but instead, red means a pattern is forming, while blue means that the winning streak doesn’t follow a pattern. More than that, there are no special marks for ties. The three derived roads are the Big Eye Boy, Small Road and Cockroach Road. All three are meant to reveal patterns derived from the Big Road scoreboard.

If you’re interested in purchasing Multiplayer Baccarat 3D Dealer, please use our contact page and find a live demo here.

26 November 2018

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