New Keno Games and Craps Arrive at CasinoWebScripts in April

12 April 2021

CasinoWebScripts’ games collection has currently been enriched with 3 new HTML5 casino games, suitable for a variety of online and offline casino solutions.

Craps of the Future Mobile and PC, Las Vegas Keno and Golden Egg Farm Keno are the latest additions to our portfolio of almost 200 casino games created in-house. Operators who are looking to buy casino games for their online, mobile, bitcoin casinos, sweepstakes business and more can take a look and try the demo versions of our most recently released products.

Craps of the Future Mobile and PC

future craps

With a scifi futuristic theme, Craps of the Future Mobile and PC will introduce players to a world where technology makes astonishing winnings available for everyone. You just need a tiny bit of luck!

This online craps game is the perfect way to bring the live casino excitements to players’ homes. As one of the most celebrated table games, craps can seem a bit complex at first, but the rules can easily be learned by any novice.

Players have a lot of freedom when it comes to choosing the types of bets they want to place. The scope of the game is the same as a regular casino’s craps game – the players place bets on the final number revealed on the dice after they’ve been rolled on the table.

To play this game, start by selecting a chip and placing an amount of bet on at least one of the betting areas. The set of betting options is classic. You can start the rolling sessions at 0,01 or as high as 500 coins. Then, roll the dice by clicking the “roll” button. Then, the player can collect the bets that can be collected, according to the rules listed for the game. For the next round, the player can increase or decrease the bet amount, or place the same bets by clicking Rebet.

Since the graphics in online craps are usually simple, we’ve developed a more modern design, with a futuristic theme. This design works really well for crypto casinos, as it resembles the futuristic layout that bitcoin and other crypto coins are all about.

Las Vegas Keno

las vegas keno

The Vegas Strip calls, but until we get there, we can enjoy a bit of magic by playing Las Vegas Keno. The high quality of the game resonates with the authentic gambling experience from Vegas, but from the comfort of players’ home.

Keno is one of the easiest games to learn, and after a few rounds of practice, anyone can play without having to worry about difficult game rules. Keno comes in many shapes and forms, but Las Vegas Keno is meant to offer the closest experience to the authentic, live Keno game.

A round starts by choosing the bet level, which can range between 0.01 and 500 coins. There are 80 potential numbers on the board of 10x8, and during one round, the player can choose up to 10 games. Keno usually tends to be more generous when more numbers are chosen, but it’s up to the player how many numbers he wants to choose.

Players can also use a dedicated button to randomly choose the numbers on the board, or even an autobet button to save time. Once the game starts, 20 numbers will be randomly selected as the winning numbers. The prize will be based on how many matching numbers have been selected.

Golden Egg Farm Keno

golden egg farm keno

If you’ve already played the lottery and know the basic flow of picking certain numbers and revealing the winning ones in a drawing, you can easily understand the way to instantly win great prizes with Golden Egg Farm Keno. Since online Keno can come in a variety of themes, we’ve added a few twists to the original keno game to create a fun variant that stands out.

Just like the classic keno game, Golden Egg Farm Keno invites players to set their stake and then pick the numbers they’d like to play in the drawing. The player chooses from a pool of 80 numbers, with the option of picking from 2 to 10 numbers from the board on each round. An Auto Play option and a random number selection Quick Pick button are available.

The theme of the game makes Golden Egg Farm Keno stand out from the pack. Presented as a chicken barn, the game comes with fun animations and characters that reveal a hen which lays golden eggs, a cute chicken coming out of its eggshell, and the numbers being shown as golden egg yolks.

The fun part starts when the Play button is pressed – the golden hen starts to lay golden eggs with the winning numbers on them! After all the eggs are revealed, you can see if there were any matches with the numbers previously picked. As usual, in keno, the more matches players make, the bigger the winnings.

The casino games that were recently released can be integrated in an online/mobile casino, bitcoin casino or any other crypto casino of your choice, sweepstakes business, Facebook gaming solution and more. We can make certain customizations upon request.

Besides the brand-new games that have recently been released, we’ve also updated two of our slot games, Superhero Reels and Pirates of Bonus Island Deluxe Adventures, with revamped designs and compatibility with all mobile and desktop devices.

12 April 2021

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